SquarEx is committed to creating and growing a safe and transparent ecosystem in which users will develop and sell real estate using smart contracts. On the SquarEx community, all users will actively contribute to architectural and construction project approvals through the purchase of project tokens.

This will make it easier for popular projects to get financing from traditional institutions such as banks, investment funds, because such institutions have a clear demand for property. SquarEx believes that real estate is the best application for blockchain, as it will lead to protection from fraud and bankruptcy. Besides, it will open a new era for safe crowd building.

SquarEx Final and Intermediate Visions

The final vision of SquarEx is about the long-term development of the project in a manner that will provide the greatest degree of satisfaction for all users. In addition, it will lead to an effective implementation of the key principles of the ecosystem. Based on the analysis of the existing legal regulation, the implementation of the Final Vision during the initial stages of the project may be difficult or impossible in many jurisdictions.

The Final Vision is based on the assumptions of the founders and the project team. SquarEx believes that appropriate legislation will be in place to favor the implementation of the project and to enable it to achieve its goals.

On the other hand, Intermediate Vision of SquarEx is to develop the project in the near future. With that in mind, the platform aims to initiate an IT solution for its participants, which they hope to finish developing by the end of their ICO.

The implementation of the components of the ecosystem depends on the existing legal regulation. The IT project of Intermediate Vision will lead to a decentralized smart contract platform on which users will be able to conduct settlement of development projects using the SQEX token.

SquarEx Timelines

This timeline is just estimation. Schedules can be changed and some events may not happen due to conditions beyond the control of the team such as changes in legislation in some legal quarters. However, the team is committed to ensuring that every milestone is accomplished.

  • 2013-2016: Research and Development period
  • Fall 2017: Attracting first funds, registration of legal entities, staffing
  • DEC 2017: Demo Version
  • MAR 2018: Pre-ICO
  • APR 2018: DAO, personal area developer, investors, general contractors, property buyers
  • FALL 2018: First ISO, first Smart Contract for construction, connecting subcontractors
  • Nov 2018: Capability to process several ISO projects
  • FEB 2019: International expansion, connecting local branches
  • APR 2019: Automatic operations for developers, branches, and investors

In the Final Vision of SquarEx, the end-buyers of real estate will have the opportunity to buy property at the construction stage through a mortgage or using their own money. To purchase project tokens on the SquarEx platform, you simply need to:

  • Open an account on the SquarEx Exchange
  • Select a construction project of your choice in SquarEx branch
  • Buy project tokens

Overall, SquarEx aims to bring on board a high level of transparency and accountability for all developers, investors, and end buyers in the real estate market.

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