Stabilise will utilize blockchain technology to create an exchange that will allow the custom pairing of currency, ICO listing, and fee-free trading. The platform reduces cost payment process. Combined with the point of sale infrastructure, it will help to cut down the costs for consumers and businesses.

About Stabilise – How Will It Achieve Its Goals?

The Stabilise Corporate service is going to develop and maintain crypto solutions which business can utilize as they look to embrace the blockchain and crypto. The Stabilise project is going to create some stable coins. Each coin is going to be paired with a fiat currency and be backed by fiat assets. Each stable coin is going to be utilized and redeemed at face value. It will not be possible to create a more stable coin than the fiat held.

The stable coins will be traded on various exchanges as well as the Stabilise exchange. On the exchange, each STB will be paired with related STB and as many cryptocoins as possible. Besides that, it would be possible for users to come up with unique pairings.

Payment Process For STB

Each STB will be fully backed by the paired fiat. It will let service providers and retailers accept the stablecoins as payment. This will all be done without having to worry about the volatility of crypto. The major benefit for retailers will be reduced processing costs. For anyone to set up a payment process, it will be free. They only need to have a wallet that supports STB. Stabilise is also going to offer the creation and operating of custom cryptocoins. These coins will have full access to the Stabilise Exchange.

Profit Distribution

Stabilise is going to offer the SPC token, holders of this token will get access to 25% of revenue from all the income stream created by Stabilise. The token is not going to have any fixed value. It is going to be traded on exchanges after the completion of the ICO.

The Target Market

One of the main targets of this project will be individuals. Due to the inherent stability of the coin, individuals will be able to use it for buying goods and services. The other target is retailers. They will be able to buy goods and services in various STB currencies. Best of all, it will not be subject to the volatility of the crypto sector.

Corporates are also a target of this coin. There is going to be a 100% backing of the underlying asset. However, if organizations express a need for another asset-backed crypto, Stabilise will offer their services on a case-by-case basis.


Stabilise is going to raise funds via an ICO. For participating in the ICO, users will get a stake in the project. Every month, payouts of 25% of profits will be offered. There will only be 25 billion SPC tokens, and they will all be sold during the ICO. Those that are not sold will be shared via a pro rata basis. Destruction or creation of more SPC will not be possible.

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