StackLab Blockchain Training Program To Be Funded By

In its commitment to building a global peer-to-peer low transaction fee digital currency, CoinGeek is investing more in the training of more developers on how to work with and create applications and services for the blockchain platform. The company made the decision to fund StackLab’s on-going blockchain training programs starting with a $150,000 contribution to expand the company’s Philippine’s program.

CoinGeek has been at the forefront of promoting blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, it is therefore in the spirit of the company’s mission that they saw the need for more developers from all around the globe. Calvin Ayre of CoinGeek notes that while the company has in the past focused on building Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to become a globally accepted currency and most preferred cryptocurrency, there are many strands of digital assets that the company must also seek to promote to make its vision a reality.

There is also a good reason why the company chose to fund a training program in the Philippines: The South East Asian country is considered the world’s second largest technology jobs outsourcing destination after India. As such, CoinGeek is partnering with an established company with the on-the-ground experience and resources to necessitate a speedy release of more blockchain developers and programmers to the job market.

StackLab, on the other hand, is next-generation Technology Company that seeks to give the world more skilled professionals through the creation of technology training hubs. The first of the CoinGeek-funded programs that focus on blockchain training in the Philippines will be located at the city of Iloilo. The company will train at least 50 developers, with a focus on how the Bitcoin Cash blockchain works and how to develop apps and services for it. Qualifying trainees will be selected in a programming competition that relies on the capability evaluation recognized by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

Upon completion of the six-month training program, the blockchain developer trainees will get assistance from StackLab to find employment and begin the hard task of transforming developing cities in Philippines through blockchain technology. With so many applications, CoinGeek believes that the blockchain technology has more to offer developing countries such as Philippines, and in particular cities like Iloilo.

CoinGeek and StackLab are not the only institutions facilitating this training though; nChain, a London-based blockchain research and development company will be chipping in by shaping the training program curriculum and providing projects for the trainees among others.

This training initiative is one of the many social programs that Calvin Ayre has initiated in the Philippines.

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