What Is Stacktical?

Stacktical is a token for decentralized service level management. The team behind this project believes there are various limitations and poor efficiency when framing the issues of performance, capacity, and scalability with legal answers.

Stacktical seeks to reduce performance failures and to manage non-performance situations using data science and blockchain technology. By providing infrastructure solution to infrastructure problem, Stacktical will fulfill the original objective of the service level agreements constitution—to establish and enforce data-driven, fair policies, which can alleviate non-performance situations for all application stakeholders and break the irrelevant tradition of offloading risk by engaging in blame games.

Redefining Compensation

In order to help companies compensate their customers for performance failures, Stacktical employs a combination of predictive and blockchain technologies. At the same time, they also reward their support teams for operational excellence.

For users: Stacktical is the future of customer care. Users can join compensation programs and earn DSLA tokens when a service fails.

For employees: Stacktical creates an opportunity to celebrate support heroes. Employees can define their Service Level Objectives (SLO), meet those objectives, and get rewarded for their hard work.

For providers: Stacktical creates long-lasting relationships. Providers can automate the retention of talents and customers, amidst scalability challenges.

Stacktical Blockchain Service Level Management Features

Stacktical provides an end-to-end solution to giving and getting compensation when it matters. The following are the principal features of the platform:

Predictive reliability testing: Stacktical uses a collection of data science wrappers to confirm that releases conform to the service level objectives.

Decentralized service level agreements: The platform is a public ledger of proofs of scalability, service level objectives, and failure settlements.

Automated compensation: Stacktical embraces an escrow of DSLA tokens that is automatically depleted based on good and bad service levels.

Consolation prizes marketplace: Stacktical offers a marketplace to trade DSLA tokens for service collectibles, promotional offers, and loot.

Stacktical DSLA Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Technology: ERC-20
  • Max Token Supply: 10,000,000,000 DSLA
  • Available for Purchase: 5,000,000,000 DSLA
  • Accepted Currency: FIAT and ETH during Private Sale
  • Soft Cap / Hard Cap: €4M / €8M
  • Initial Rate: 1 DSLA = 0.0000040 ETH
  • Token Sale Date: Present – TBD

DSLA Token Uses

Decentralized Service Level Agreement token powers the Stacktical platform. The token gives users the opportunity to:

  • Access the Stacktical platform
  • Run scalability predictions
  • Form compensation pools
  • Publish Decentralized Service Level Agreements
  • Reward users upon performance failures
  • Reward support teams upon performance achievements
  • Redeem service collectibles in the marketplace

Compensating Internal And External Application Stakeholders

With DSLA token and the Decentralized Service Level Agreements of the Stacktical platform, companies can automatically indemnify their customers in case of performance failures, while at the same time rewarding their support teams for good performance.

StackticalCircular Economy

The Stacktical platform and the DSLA token are designed to support the interests of all application stakeholders both in performance and in non-performance situations. The provider starts by defining service level objectives, and then stake DSLA tokens to create a compensation pool, which is depleted based on good service levels and bad service levels.

Token holders can withdraw the DSLA they receive as compensation to their ERC-20 compatible wallet or to exchange them for promotional offers and other collectibles available in the marketplace.

In the end, all tokens exchanged on the Stacktical marketplace return to the compensation pool to handle another performance failure that may arise.

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