Although fans play a dominant role in the growth of an artist's success, there is no denying that they do not receive the necessary recognition they should be winning. With our existing entertainment business model, much of the focus is on making a profit and eliminating high-risk situations for the artists.

Such a scenario calls for the inclusion of fans into the activities of the artists. Stayge One is a venture looking to solve these issues for the artists by creating the ability to tokenize the fandom. Here's how the platform seeks to create blockchain-based sustainability for every participant including motivated fans, and artists.

What Is Stayge?

The Stayge Network is a new blockchain-based ecosystem set to consist of artists and fans with its cryptocurrency to tokenize the artists‘ fan base through a fair evaluation. The platform will establish a reward system that is independent of specific central entities such as service companies. From this structure, Stayge One Network expects to bring back the value of fan activities that are typically not measured or recognized within the entertainment industry.

The Stayge Structure

The Stayge Network will support the following structure:

Core Layer

The core layer will form the foundation of the platform where all the necessary information of the Stayge Network is stored including transaction details related to the products, content data and information on community activities.

Blockchain Module

The Stayge Network utilizes the blockchain network with a fast consensus algorithm that operates with smart contracts to distribute the contents and various information through periodic block generations.

Interface Layer

The Interface Layer offers various APIs and SDKs to provide multiple functions within the Core Layer. The Interface layer will also make it possible to implement features such as the token exchange, wallet, and transaction of goods.

Service Layer

The Service Layer will apply various applications developed with the SDKs and APIs within the interface layer. The primary DApp services will be available under the Service Layer including the community reward systems that support token transactions and ticketing services.

How Stayge Rewarding Fans For Social Sharing Works

The Stayge Network economic model will comprise of two cryptocurrencies, the Stayge (STG) and Activity Token (ACT). The STG will play the role of establishing connectivity among the communities and will become the base currency for the decision-making process within the Stayge network.

The ACT token will act as a mean of a transaction and rewarding for which the user can also use as a contribution. ACT rewards can also be used in decision making within the community or to purchase products or tickets for digital content consumption.

Stayge STG Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Pre-Sale
  • Dates- June 2018
  • Tokens available- 1,500,000,000 STG
  • Bonus- 15-30%
  • Token ticker- Stayge (STG)
  • Platform- ICON
  • Accepts- ETH, ICX
  • Total issuance- 10,000,000,000 units
  • Sales amount- 5,000,000,000 units
  • Token price- 1 STG= 0.00001 ETH/ 1 ETH= 100,000 STG
  • Hard cap- 2,500,000 ICX
  • Soft cap- 2,500,000 ICX

Token Distribution

  • Public sales- 50%
  • Reserve- 15%
  • Team and advisors- 18%
  • Community- 12%
  • Foundation- 5%

Stayge Verdict

There is no doubt that blockchain technology could finalize actualize rewarding of fans in a way they deserve and can engage easily on a new level. However, the overall question remains if whether the entertainment industry is ready to embrace blockchain or will they overlook it and stick to the old ways.

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