For a long time, banks held the power over money but things are changing very fast lately especially because of technologies like the blockchain, which enable companies to create their own cryptocurrencies. Staking Coin, our subject for this review, is a company which intends to continue this change.

What Is Staking Coin?

Staking Coin is a credit blockchain company based on P2P lending. If banks held all the power for credit in the history of the world, Staking Coin intends to change this paradigm by offering its users the ability to be the banks themselves.

The company has created a system on the blockchain whose main objective is to allow the peers of the network to work as banks and create an ecosystem in which people could easily get money from these people. Because the people can use this network, you do not even need to have a great quantity of money to lend because the blockchain will find something for you.

The company already has some very important strategic partners like Fenbushi Capital, China Unicom, Node Capital and Pingan, among others.

How Does Staking Coin XTC Cryptocurrency Lending Token Work?

The company uses the blockchain technology to connect peers and enable them to transfer money. These transferences are written on the blockchain forever creating a system which can be considered transparent and anonymous at the same time because the users will see the transactions but not the names of the people involved in them.

Staking Coin will have several features which will serve for enabling the users to get money, they range from mining, staking, loans, trading and referrals. As Staking Coin will use both proof of work and proof of stake systems, you will be able to mine coins and get a profit for doing so or to use the coins that you already have to put the on stake mode and earn money passively from staking.

The lending system is the highlight of this company. By using this system, you will be able to use your XTC tokens to lend money to the company which will loan this money to venture capital firms and be paid for that.

The company expects a return from investment which can range from 10-15% per month on your invested funds or even more. This means that you will be able to get a return on investment above 100% in a single year, which is rare for investments in any type of industry.

Another way to get money is by using the referral program. During the upcoming sale of the XTC tokens, you will be able to receive referrals which will range from 1% to 5% from the people who invest in this company, so it might be a good idea to invite your friends to participate.

How To Invest In Staking Coin XCT ICO Details?

Are you willing to invest in Stake Coin? If this company interests you, you will be glad to know that you can already invest in it because the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of this company is happening right now and it will last until April. The pre-sale has already happened, but this is not a reason not to invest in this company. Almost 50% of the tokens of the company are being sold in this ICO.

The price of the tokens will during each round of the ICO. In the first round you will be able to buy 7 XTV tokens with $1 USD, 6 tokens with the same amount of money in the second round and only 5 tokens during the third and last round of the sale. The hard cap of the sale is $3,300,000 USD.

Most of the money from the ICO will be used on marketing (60%) and in the development of the platform (30%).

Staking Coin Verdict

Should you invest in Staking Coin? Maybe. The company has good and bad points and you have to evaluate them before you can actually be sure if this company is a great investment for you or not. Because of this, you have to decide for yourself if Staking Coin is a really good company or if you should just look for another token instead.

This cryptocurrency seems to offer a good lending service which can be very profitable for you and it also seems to have some strong partnerships. Because of this, it might be a good idea to invest in Staking Coin. On the other hand, the company is somewhat generic and uninspired, which can make some investors do not be so interested in what this company has to offer.

As most of the money will be spent on marketing, there is a chance that Staking Coin will stand out but it is very hard to be completely sure of that. You have to think well and decide if this company can be a great investment or if you should just look for another one instead.

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