Stansberry Pacific Research Crypto Capital: Eric Wade’s Bitcoin Investment Report

Crypto Capital is a subscription service for crypto investors that promises to help investors “double your money” and “make you as much as 100x your money.” By following the investment advice in Crypto Capital, you can get rich quick through crypto investing.

The investment advice is delivered to your email inbox every month. You also get weekly updates from across the world of crypto, along with access to a library of investment advice videos.

You get access to all of this material for $5,000 per year, making Crypto Capital one of the highest-priced crypto investment subscriptions in the crypto industry.

Crypto Capital is edited by Eric Wade, an internet entrepreneur with a background in financial management. Eric became interested in crypto when he started mining bitcoin during the early days. Today, he mines a variety of cryptocurrencies while actively investing in crypto.

Eric Wade is an editor for Stansberry Pacific Research, a financial analysis company that also produces several newsletters catered to Asian markets and investing in Asia.

The Crypto Capital sales page is filled with stories about the program being “100 percent risk-free” and how investors can earn “30x profit” or “4x return…in 60 days.” Investors are led to believe that the advice in Stansberry Pacific Research’s Crypto Capital will help them get rich quick.

So will Crypto Capital actually help you get rich quick? Or is this another over-hyped crypto scam? Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect with Crypto Capital.

What is Crypto Capital?

Crypto Capital is a crypto investment newsletter priced at $5,000 per year. As mentioned above, the newsletter is heavily marketed online with claims of making enormous, easy profit through crypto investing risk-free.

As with most “get rich quick” schemes online, you should be skeptical any time someone convinces you that you can make 100x your money risk-free.

Nevertheless, here’s what’s included with Crypto Capital:

  • 12 emails containing crypto research, delivered to your email inbox every month
  • Weekly updates on crypto markets
  • Access to a library of videos explaining how to invest in and analyze cryptocurrencies
  • Membership in a private community and access to the Crypto Capital “dedicated team of crypto experts who are on hand to help you get started”
  • Monthly updates on Eric Wade’s current cryptocurrency portfolio, including new recommendations and trades he has made
  • Buy and sell alerts for major cryptocurrencies

What Will You Learn in Crypto Capital?

When you’re spending $5,000 per year on 12 issues of a newsletter, you expect to get a lot of information for your money. So what will you learn in Crypto Capital?

  • How to turn $150 into $17,250 in just 7 days by investing in the right cryptocurrencies
  • How to earn returns of 11,417% to 1,040,346% by investing in crypto at the right times; Crypto Capital editor Eric Wade claims readers can expect returns like this by investing in coins like “VegasCoin”, “MikeTheMug”, “NewYorkCoin”, and “Xenixcoin”
  • How to use a “little-known technique” Eric has been using to make big gains with limited risk
  • A unique way to speculate on “huge and short-term moves” in the crypto market
  • Access to Eric’s unique analytical tools for discovering new crypto investments; investors are told to expect “the potential for 500% to 1,000% gains every single month” by following this investment advice
  • Top crypto speculations and recommendations shared with the online Crypto Capital community every month
  • Recommendations that “could realistically make you 5… 10… even as much as 100 times your money”
  • How to treat cryptocurrencies “as an opportunity – not a risk”

Like most other Crypto Capital marketing, Eric is attempting to dazzle investors with absurd earning claims. Again, there’s absolutely no evidence that any Crypto Capital subscribers have earned returns of 100x or more.

It’s easy to advertise returns of 1 million % and higher, of course, when you’re taking a coin at its lowest price point and comparing it to its highest price point.

Crypto Capital Pricing

There are two Crypto Capital subscription options:

One Year: $5,000

Lifetime Subscription: $8,000

These price points make Crypto Capital one of the most expensive crypto newsletters in the world today. Stansberry Research has a reputation for charging absurdly high prices for its research, but Crypto Capital might be the most expensive one we’ve reviewed to date.

You can pay online using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. You cannot pay with cryptocurrency.

Crypto Capital Automatic Renewal Policy and Hidden Fees

Crypto Capital uses the same sleazy tactics as other Stansberry Research products. Hidden in small, light-colored font at the bottom of the ordering page, you’ll find the Crypto Capital automatic renewal policy and additional hidden fees.

  • By signing up for Crypto Capital, your subscription will be automatically renewed every year until you specifically call Stansberry Pacific Research to cancel
  • Every year, you will be charged $3,000 USD to renew your Crypto Capital subscription
  • Lifetime subscribers will need to pay a fee of $149 per year
  • If you want to cancel, you’ll need to manually call Crypto Capital’s customer service team at 1-800-599-6002 (for US calls) or +65 3163 0022 (international calls), or use their online contact info here

Crypto Capital has deliberately hid all of this information at the bottom of the sales page, and it seems likely most customers will not see this information before they purchase.

We’ve seen a lot of sleazy marketing tactics online, but selling a “lifetime subscription” for $8,000 bundled with hidden fees of $150 per year is pretty bad, not to mention the $3,000 hidden fee for the annual subscription.

Crypto Capital Return Policy

Crypto Capital has a 30 day return policy. If you’re unhappy with Crypto Capital for any reason within 30 days, then you can request a full refund. Here’s how the website words it:

“Take the next 30 days to look at Crypto Capital. Download the reports I’m going to send you. Read our research. Consider the analysis. Place a few crypto trades. If you’re not happy for any reason… simply let us know within 30 days, and you’ll receive a full and prompt refund of everything you paid. No questions asked.”

Who’s Behind Crypto Capital?

Crypto Capital is published by a Singapore-based company called Stansberry Pacific Research. We assume Stansberry Pacific Research is a subsidiary or sister company or Stansberry Research, a similar independent investment information newsletter based in the United States.

Stansberry Pacific Research focuses specifically on Asian markets and cryptocurrencies. There are three main team members, including Kim Iskyan and Brian Tycango.

In addition to Crypto Capital, which is produced by editor Eric Wade, Stansberry Pacific Research produces newsletters like Asia Wealth Investment Daily, Strategic Wealth Confidential, International Capitalist, and Extreme Growth Trader.

Conclusion: Should You Buy Crypto Capital?

Crypto Capital makes enormous promises about how much money customers can expect to earn by following the investment advice contained in each newsletter.

Investors are dazzled with promises of earning “100x” their investment with a risk-free purchase.

In reality, there’s little evidence suggesting that investors can earn anywhere near these returns by following the advice in Crypto Capital.

The lack of evidence is surprising considering investors are being asked to pay $5,000 per year for a subscription (not to mention the hidden fees and automatic renewal policies secretly charged to your credit card).

If you want to try out Crypto Capital, then there’s a 30 day free trial. The sleazy marketing tactics and absurd earnings claims, however, make it hard to trust anything sold by Crypto Capital or the Stansberry Pacific Research marketing team.

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