Staps STB ICO Review

The aim of this project is to bring to the world a token called the Staps Token Bonus (STB). The aim of this token is to be a way to reward people who get up and walk, as you are able to obtain bonuses or discounts at certain businesses in exchange for your steps that you have accumulated.

It is a win-win situation, as the businesses who offer these discounts and bonuses will have the opportunity to get in touch with those people who are motivated to build up their STB tokens and spend them at selected stores and businesses.

This means that the users of this platform will be healthier as a result of the additional steps they are taking, as well as the businesses involved being exposed to a new type of customer base.

There will be a comprehensive ecosystem created as a result of this project whereby nothing will be holding back the walkers or the businesses to taking their lives to the next level. It is hoped by the team that there will be long term growth potential for this token as the idea takes off and more and more walkers and businesses sign up to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

No longer will people have to use their hard-hitting computers to mine crypto, they simply get off their couch, go outside and walk to do so. New users will be exposed to the world of crypto as it is not very daunting getting involved by simply going for a walk rather than having to navigate exchanges and so on.

The have dubbed the process of mining these STB tokens through walking as being “Staping.”

What Are the Details About the Staps STB ICO Token Sale?

In total, there are going to be 1 billion Staps STB tokens created. For the ICO pre-sale, there will be 5 million tokens available for investors, with 55 million being available during the token sale itself.

The majority of the tokens (90%) will be put forth for mining, with the rest of the tokens being split amongst the team, kept in reserve, for partners, miner bonuses and for bounties.

This token sale is set to start and end in the first quarter of 2018 and the initial price being set for this token is 1 STB coin equalling $0.20.

The soft cap has been set at $1 million and the hard cap has been set at $17.5 million.

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