Virtual reality (VR) is a market that is growing a lot right now, just like the blockchain market, which means that there are many businesses uniting these two technologies to create an interesting new product. Today we will review Staramba, a company from Berlin, Germany.

Staramba describes itself as the world’s most advanced VR world and lifelike scan company and its product will allow you to connect and meet lifelike 3D avatars of your favorite superstars, idols and even to meet up with your friends or even strangers using the network.

Staramba Main Features

You will be able to interact with people in this new world and to use its market to buy, sell and rent parts and transact with people. The main goal of the company is the creation of a virtual world in which you have all the best parts of the real world and much more.

By accessing Staramba, you will have the ability to join experiences created from top celebrities, superstar athletes and live in a world with avatars created with cutting edge 3D technology. You will be able to create assets to be used in this virtual world and rent or sell them later or, in case you do not want to create anything, you can even buy the masterworks of other people.

The basic function of this new ecosystem is to create a space in which people will be able to connect with their idols (or fans) and to other people that they like. You will be able to express yourself in the network, connect with your best friends and share your moments with fully photorealistic VR.

The company will let you connect with real people and avatars of famous people in what could be considered to be a hyperreal reality because the avatars of the people will be made with certified scans of real people.

Many official brands will be releasing exclusive content for the network, so you will have plenty of different options to choose from whenever you decide to use Staramba. Staramba will have the world’s largest 3D avatar database, which already consists of more than 7000 models of famous people and will only increase with time.

The software will be compatible with Vive, Oculus and HDK2.

staramba homepage

Staramba (STT) Token Sale

Staramba will be selling its STT tokens as a way to find the money that it needs to finance the launch of the platform and to attract new investors. The Initial Token Offering (ITO) will start on June 20 and last until July 25.

Payments are accepted in either USD, BTC or ETH and buyers will receive discounts if they buy soon (30% in the first week and 10% less at each week). Prices will range from 0.07 to 0.10 USD per token. The company estimates that the price of a single token will be $1 to $1.40 USD each after the launch.

Staramba Team and Partners

The founder of Staramba is Christian Daudert, which has more than 20 years in the sporting sector and a degree in economics. He is aided by Rainer Hjort (COO), Thanigaivaasan Thuyamani (head of research and development) and Conny Cheng (game designer).

Other members of the company include Till von Ahnen, which is the head of blockchain technology and Marc O. Kneifel, CTO. The consultants of the company are Peter Bergstrom and Meinhard Benn.

The main partners of the company are Bundesverband Deutsche Startups, Berlin Valley, JBC, Feros Advisers, 3WFrei Stellen, Bravado, Sportmagazin Kicker, Konami, Paragon,, Sports 2 Business,, Studioline Photography, Tivela and VR Business Club. The equity investors of Staramba are 3D Safe Corp New York, Champions AG, Fredi Bobic, Hevella Capital and IAFA Global Opportunities SICAV Fund.

Some of the brands that already work with the team Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Tottenham FC, Borussia Dortmund FC, FC Bayern Munchen, Kiss, Linkin Park, Atlético de Madrid, Konami and others.

The Staramba Conclusion

Virtual Reality is still a pretty new field, but we can see from Staramba that has the hallmarks of an innovative company that is going to drive this new field forward. While the fun factor depends a lot on third party partnerships with companies that provide interesting services, the technology that drives Staramba seems to be really good.

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