With the increasing popularity of the blockchain, it comes as no surprise that more and more people are being drawn to the world of crypto. Starco is an all new ”blockchain platform service” that has been designed to maximize mining efficiency via the use specialized features such as:

It can be used by anyone, via the use of a multitude of different platforms such as mobile phones, PC’s, laptops.

What STARCRO Offers

Self Sustaining Platform:

Starco makes use of an “independent protocol” called PoX. Not only that, all of the users of this platform are entitled to gain access to a wide array of innovative service features such as:

  • Instant communication module
  • Finance Exchange
  • Social media platform.

Lastly, PoX also comes with the ability to connect more “provers” through the use of methods such as hyperlinks and referral codes (thereby allowing all involved parties to make extra money on the side).

PoX Community:

Starco is planning to create an amalgamated society of users where all of their systems are connected with one another. Instead of redistributing funds, the company aims to create a democratic consensus model that will allow for fair compensation to be doled out to all network participants. This will not only increase participation, but will also increase customer trust.

STARCRO PoX Blockchain & Crypto Coin Key Information

Independent Consensus Algorithm:

The platform makes use of a consensus system that serves as an extension for the “POW” module employed by the company. In addition to this, PoX also makes use of a pre-existing “multiplex structure” that consists of up to 12 users. This enables faster service, as well as promotes increased overall usability.


As mentioned earlier, through the use of hyperlinks and referral codes throughout the network, participants have the option of obtaining handsome compensations based upon the number of users they can bring in.

Ease Of Use:

The platform makes use of a highly simplified User Interface that can be handled by experts/ novices alike.


All of the internal transactions that take place within the network are done so via the use of a P2P network. As a result of this, payments are completed within a matter of seconds in a completely safe and secure manner. Not only that, transaction details are are held securely, and are only made privy to the involved parties.


Another key aspect of this platform is its use of encryption modules that ensure the privacy and security of all its customers.


While there are not many details available online in this regard, the website states that the ICO is scheduled to being on the 1st of March, 2018 (and go on for a period of 30 days from the date of commencement). The sale will take place through the use of a “round based system”, and will allow participants to obtain a wide range of bonuses. All unsold tokens will be burned after the sale.

For any other queries, users can get in touch with company officials either via email or through the phone number provided on the bottom of the homepage.


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