The unbanked citizens of the world are a neglected class from financial transactions. They are not allowed to open any savings account or use a credit card. This is a major problem afflicting the world which needs a cultural, economical and technological revolution to overhaul the system.

Stargram is committed to creating a system with which anyone with access to the internet can make a deposit to a digital bank account, a wallet, without any restrictions.

What Is Stargram?

Stargram is an electronic wallet that can be used to deal with Stargram Coin Star Token. It is used to partner with various affiliate merchants worldwide. They have an inbuilt state of the art multi-security system with fingerprint recognition. The wallet can be used on both web and mobile management, so that you can always be updated with your profile. They have a fast and powerful node system with chins up to 8,000 existing nodes.

Stargram Global Crypto Exchange Products

Stargram Coin:

It is the combination between blockchain technology and O2O enterprise business model. Being a common coin on stock exchange, it can be used for both online and offline use. This coins ensure transactions anywhere in the world, regardless of boundaries.

Blockchain X Entertainment:

This is a cryptocurrency specializing in global entertainment that can generally be used in the major existing stock exchanges.

Stargram Exchange:

Their exchange can be used to trade standard cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash etc. Star token can only be exchanged on the stargram exchange.

Stargram Algorithmus And Patent:

Using distributed ledger technologies, Stargram’s algorithm technique enables sharing and profit taking of data analysis with intermediate transactions. Their patented self modeling approach minimizes the impact of speculation.

Stargram PG System:

Stargram’s billing system uses the P2P transaction method to reduce the broker fees among users and enables immediate payment of sales proceeds and merchant stores. It can be used to make payment freely from exchange rates and fees at your country or globally.

Stargram Mining System:

Their mining system opens its own structure which combines entertainment elements and reward format. They are even developing their own anti-dumping algorithm to use as a communication channel between stars and fans.

Stargram Wallet:

Users can manage their own star tokens, use QR codes to make payments like online and offline check cards conveniently. Their mobile application allows you to settle and manage star coins and tokens.

Stargram Corn Talk:

With Stargram messenger, you can conveniently send Stargram coin with messenger. Their messenger service is built on a blockchain infrastructure.

Stargram Blockchain Smart Phone:

It a frosty low priced blockchain smartphone that can be used by people who have difficulty opening a bank account. It is an innovative, differentiated technology that can contribute to social development.

Stargram SGC Token ICO Details

There will be a maximum of 20 million tokens in supply, with a crowd sale price of 100 SGC for 1 ETH. The Stargram coin, which is equivalent to 10% holds marketing and new employees for incentives and campaigns for new acquisition promotions and growth for the next year from now. 25% is reserved for the team members and the advisors involved in the research and development. The token is locked for one year.

Stargram Conclusion

Stargram has lot of products latitudinally, which gives you option of many options to choose from. There wallet is available for download on Android and iOS.

You can find out more information about them on their website

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