Starta ICO

When it comes to new investment opportunities, a lot of experts remain wary, looking for the right, reliable and trustworthy platforms to invest in. With the advent of digital currencies, the world of investments has opened up quite a bit, with more opportunities coming to the fore on a daily basis.

In such situations, companies that make things easier for investors by providing a compelling and trustworthy investment solution can definitely make it big.

One such venture is Starta ICO, a joint venture between Starta Accelerator and Cross Coin, which attempts to provide investors with a coin-backed investment opportunity in 21 exciting tech startups that have been brought on through the Starta Accelerator onboarding process.

By merging together mentorship and training with an investment program that makes use of a digital coin offering, Starta ICO has really come out with a creative and innovative investment solution that is sure to excite beginners and seasoned investors alike.

Starta ICO Investment Opportunity

With an ICO launch that is just days away, this is an exciting time to become associated with Starta ICO, which offers investors the chance to invest in 21 exciting tech startup companies with the simple process of buying into the initial coin offering.

The coin itself is being designed and developed by the partner company Cross Coin, and is slated to use the Waves blockchain platform.

The most interesting thing about Starta ICO is that it has effectively created an investment opportunity which is also a crowdfunding campaign to fund these tech startups.

While the startups have already benefited from the Accelerator program offered by Starta, they have the opportunity to cement their place in their markets using this initial round of funding, while investors can reap rich rewards through participating in this venture by buying Starta tokens.

Stable Backbone

When it comes to investing in startups, the one thing that most investors look at is the viability of the startups, the space they operate in and the traction they already have in place with their target markets. Starta ICO scores high in this regard, with 21 startups that have already been chosen and put through the Accelerator program.

These startups have high valuation, operate in lucrative spaces, and already have traction in European and American markets.

The Starta Accelerator program is the star here. The program is designed to provide startups from the Eastern Europe region with training and exposure to the American market, making them ready to launch.

These companies have already been through the development process, are product-ready, and therefore represent prime investment targets for people looking to take part in the ICO.

Versatile Strategy

Investors who choose to come on board with Starta ICO have multiple outcomes to choose from, once they take part in the ICO. With the lower cost of acquisition of shares in the Eastern European market, investors have to pay lower prices and receive larger quantities of shares.

As these startups develop, there is the prospect of receiving rewards stemming from the ownership of these shares.

There is also the possibility of a buyout or acquisition, as advanced by the website. Such an eventuality represent the classic exit case for venture investors, who get to walk away with maximum profits by selling their shares. These possibilities make Starta ICO a lucrative platform for investors who are looking to invest in the tech startup space.

Getting Started With Starta ICO

Getting started with the Starta ICO platform is a relatively simple process, with the ICO happening in the near future. The ICO is supposed to last 30 days, during which time, investors can purchase Starta tokens at $1 each. Currencies accepted include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Waves.

Starta ICO Conclusion

With a new, exciting investment opportunity, Starta ICO is sure to interest investors who are looking to make their entry into the tech startup space, with the prospect of rich rewards on the horizon.

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