StartMining is a project for the mining of cryptocurrency on a large scale in Russia and Europe. It is a carefully planned investment into the mining of crypto coins by using industrial farms. Having already witnessed the boom that cryptocurrrencies like bitcoins can experience, it is not surprising that similar cryptocurrency projects will be hatched.

Investors who started Bitcoin mining in 2010 made almost 500% more profit in 2013. With the increasing value of BTCs and other cryptocurrrencies, home capacities for mining are becoming less significant. Hence, investors are shifting to cloud mining. StartMining is a project that aims at offering miners a facility for cryptocurrency mining while helping investors earn profits.

Here is a detailed overview of the StartMining Project and how investors can earn by making their share.

StartMining can be explained in two steps. The first step will elaborate on goals and the second step highlights the stages through which these goals will be achieved.

StartMining Goals

StartMining aims to begin from accumulating an investment of $500,000 to initiate mining in an area of 100 square miles, with 150 mining farms and electricity power of 255 MW. The project aims to yield a minimum net profit of $1,150,000 while distributing $460,000 dividend among the investors.

Finally, the goal of the project is to accumulate $10,000,000 as an investment with an objective of expanding the mining area up to 1000 square miles with 4,000 mining farms. With the availability of such input, the project aims to get a minimum profit of $30,720,000 while distributing a dividend of $12,288,000 to investors.

StartMining Phases Of Development

The project will achieve its goals in four phases of development. In its first phase after getting capital from the investors, the process of purchasing real estate and the installation of equipment will begin. The completion of this process can take up to 6 months from the launch date.

In the second phase, facilities and space will be offered for rent. Investors can buy facilities on rent in exchange for tokens. In the third stage, the facilities will be offered for rent to the customers. In the fourth and final stage, profits and more funds will be used for re-investment and the process will go on.

Investing In The StartMining Project

Investors can buy tokens to invest in the StartMining Project. Token holders will be entitled to receive their share in 40% profits of the project, which will be distributed as dividends. Tokens will be available for purchase as part of an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) to attract the investment. There are limited numbers of tokens available, 93% of which will be offered as ICOs, 2% will be used in the bounty program, and 5% for Escrow.

All the investments made, transfer of funds, and receiving of dividends will be done through Escrow. StartMining is accompanied by a legal and technical team of Escrow that will monitor the project by acting as agents on behalf of the investors.

Risk Management

StartMining has also set its risk management policy by carefully analyzing its competitors and market of Cryptocurrrencies. The major competitors of the StartMining are Genesis Mining, Hashing, MinerGate, HASHFLARE, and EOBOT.

To counter the influence of its competitors, StartMining will offer mining at competitive prices. In order to be safe against the exchange rate fluctuations, it will mine diverse cryptocurrencies.

Using Tokens

Token holders can use their tokens bought as a result of ICOs in the following ways.

  • 1. They can buy mining facilities as rent, on lower rates.
  • 2. They can exchange their tokens before the financial year.
  • 3. They can earn dividends on their tokens.

StartMining Conclusion

Profit figures mentioned in the goal sections are predicted ones. They are subject to change after the project gets started and yielding the outcomes.

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