Startup Syndicate Launches SUS Token Pre-Sale To Help Scale Operations

Startup Syndicate (SUS) Launches Token Pre-Sale

This week has seen the announcement by Startup Syndicate, that it will be launching the pre-sale of their native blockchain utility token called ‘SUS'. The token pre-sale is in aid of allowing the company to expand on its already existing system, to provide extensive support for companies of any scale.

Startup Syndicate operates as an ecosystem for entrepreneurs and business professionals. Providing businesses with all the tools they need to develop and grow their business.

Startup Syndicate's token pre-sale will begin this week with Accredited Investors until it reaches its planned hard cap of 500,000,000 tokens.

“With the launch of Startup Syndicate, we want all of the entrepreneurs out there to know that they don’t have to fear the complexity, confusion, and cost barriers of starting and growing a company… Our team and our technology are tearing those barriers down. Just as Mark Twain told us to ‘Explore. Dream. Discover.’ our message is to ‘Think bold, take action, and just start it.”

Five Pillars Of The Startup Syndicate Platform

The Startup Syndicate platform consists of five pillars, designed to offer a high level of support at every stage of its users business.

1) Artificial Intelligence Mentor:

This represents Startup Syndicate's flagship technology, allowing companies the access they need to an automated advisor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a machine learning application, it helps users break down the otherwise highly complex issues of building a business

2) Business Classroom:

The Business Classroom allows its users to have ready and immediate access to hundreds of Ivy League courses.

3) Founders Lounge:

This allows companies to reach out to a wider community of professionals. The Founders Lounge allows for users to find and recruit sought-after team members

4) Investors Corner:

The Investors Corner provides users with the templates, guidance and resources to link businesses to interested investors.

5) Real-World Issues (RWI) Pitch Competitions:

This offers businesses with companies with inspiration for how to entice capital investment.

Companies aspiring to transport themselves from inspired startup to developed business have to confront three distinct challenges. Ones that Startup Syndicate seek to resolve by hammering through the Complexity, Confusion and Cost of setting up a business. Including how to expand as the business grows from a close-knit team, to a large company.

With Startup Syndicate, poverty and geographic location will no longer be factors that bar businesses from developing. With its incentivized learning methodology and flexible approach to support. Through its machine learning and proprietary technology, Startup Syndicate wants to revolutionize the world for startups.

Startup Syndicate Token Presale Details

The company is based of an ERC20 based token from the Ethereum Blockchain. The application of the SUS token is efficiently integrated into every segment of the platform:

Earn Startup Chain tokens:

  • Completing the introductory course in each track
  • Placing top 3 in a Pitch Competition
  • Providing Services in the Pitch Competition Marketplace

Spend Startup Chain tokens:

  • Subscribing to AiMIE.
  • Purchasing courses
  • Creating featured Founders Club Profiles
  • Creating Pitch Profiles in the Investors Corner

“Our Platform for entrepreneurs is a direct reflection of the amazing quality and talents of our Advisory Board members,” said Christopher Cumby, Chief Development Officer at Startup Syndicate.

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