StasyQ is a new platform that is designed to help you hide your sins with blockchain technology as they put it. It’s an adult oriented cryptocurrency platform that is promising to revolutionize the industry. You can sign up for the platform at the company website at You can also see the models currently on the platform well as make money through an affiliate-based referral program.

How Does StasyQ Work?

The platform is a new cryptocurrency and blockchain technology backed system that is completely focused around the adult entertainment industry. They currently have more than 264,000 followers on Instagram and about 72,000 on Facebook.

StasyQ is a unique platform that is packed full of the best, highest quality content that is focused around an erotic nature. The platform has been functioning since 2015. And it’s also a company that advantages to work with vs other similar ones. They use a very careful screening process that is used to select the hottest, best dancers and amateur models from around the world.

They also only use the highest quality pictures and videos with proper exposure and the style exclusive to the author who created it. The website is already doing very well with somewhere between 600K and 1million visitors coming to the website each and every month.

As if that wasn’t enough, the VR content on the platform is popular all over the world right now. And not many companies are using it or can because of technical challenges. But at StasyQ, there is true 180 degrees of video capturing to ensure it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Not only that, but it also operates at 4k resolution for video quality. The VR makes it easy to choose your favorite angel at any time during a show.

What Is The ICO On StasyQ?

The ICO for the company is in preparation to start. They are currently 8 days out from the start of their sales. And once the ICO starts, it only goes until 13:00 GMT.

Who Is Behind StasyQ

The company has several different partners who are helping develop the platform. The first partner on the company is Bitsens. And they are also trusted by ICO Bench and about 15 other trustworthy websites that are all focused around the cryptocurrency space.

The CEO of the company’s name is Romanas Stelmokaitis, the CEO and CTO. He’s a software developer that is also a corporate engineer and has extensive experience with insurance, logistics, banking and supply operations. Roman has also worked in several different sectors of the financial industry.

His path into the building of IT infrastructures is what led him to starting StacyQ. That and his more than 15 years in the industry of technology. He graduated from Vilinius University with a degree in infomatics as well as math. He also started his career in the IT industry.

He also has a lot of experience with business processes and automation, which is very useful. His experience with building web-based services as well as robots is ideal for working with blockchain technology. He’s worked in several different companies where privacy and security where a must. Now he is the founder of StacyQ and is using his knowledge from past jobs to help make the system, the best adult oriented platform in the cryptocurrency space.

StasyQ In Conclusion

As of now there are 8 models on the website, each of them in beautiful and highly professional. The platform is still being improved every day, even though they have been operating since 2015. If you are in the adult industry already, looking to be a performer or love to watch then StasyQ is likely a great platform for you to check out and try.

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