Stater Coin

Stater Coin is a new crypto market network and its ICO ends in approximately one month. The company claims that the significant challenge crypto currency owners face, is the liquidity and ability to utilize their crypto money in buying goods and services.

Stater is creating three mobile programs and two marketplace platforms boosting P2B (peer to business) and P2P (peer to peer) transactions using Stater as a form of payment.

Staterspots functions as a two purpose stage: First, by allowing business to list their services online, and second, allowing Stater users to locate them. Statermarket is a platform dedicated to cryptocurrency users that are prepared to market their new and/or used products anyplace on a marketplace site.

About Stater Coin

P2P selling has grown exponentially within the past 3 years with nothing suggesting this will change in the near future. If anything — additional expansion is to be expected. Instead of using fiat monies for such transactions — it will be easier and safer to use marketplaces such as Stater.

Statermarket users who would love to supply their goods can easily list or update them on the internet and set a Stater price.

A meeting using the encrypted chat operates — initiated from either inside the site or through the Stater app — may be used to organize the exchange for Stater. Adjustments to the local money on the day of payment could be immediately made via the program.

The stage is envisaged to be of great benefit for both parties. Those selling goods will acquire Stater, while people buying will have the safety and benefit of utilizing Stater without needing to exchange — and risk losing worth — of the crypto money into its fiat form.

What are the nodes used by Stater Coin?

Nodes are the backbone of their Stater network, establishing solidity whilst enabling decentralized governance by providing voting rights on things like new features or prospective proposals. Voting rights have been determined by the kind of node held, such as — 1 Masternode has 1 vote, while 1 Meganode has 10 votes.

Rewards are balanced and split between one of Masternodes, Meganodes (90 percent) and Governance (10 percent). The two kinds of nodes are limited to a maximum of 100 Meganodes and 1500 Masternodes in any certain time.

What distinguishes the Meganodes and Masternodes are the rewards. Rewards are ensured and will decrease 50% mechanically with every following decade.


All companies accepting Stater as a form of payment will be able to register their location, enabling the insertion of the offered services and goods in the Stater network. List on the stage will also provide businesses with local exposure and the production of this advertising opportunity.

Stater Coin Summary

Statercoin is a newly released cryptocurrency platform that offers both a Staterspots and Statermarket investment options for investors to choose from.

The nodes that the Statercoin platform uses are reportedly robust as well as reliable, so one could be given a degree of confidence knowing that their investments are being protected by the software’s unique algorithm.

More details about Statercoin can be read on the brand’s homepage, as well as in their various disclosure documents found online.

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