Static Coin Crypto ICO Website Goes Down

The Static token is a digital currency that has the goal of being the main method of payment for the data storage that is sold and held by users on the company’s platform.

It will also have the ability to be used across the world by investors for distribution. The blockchain is ethereum-based and is very secure.

This digital token is a peer to peer currency which utilizes smart contracts, at the same time as getting rid of any intermediaries which means that your assets are going to be kept in a more secure fashion. You will also be able to have faster transactions as a result of this.

They are aiming to make Static the biggest data storage digital currency in the globe. They also want to get rid of data overages and fees as a result of utilizing blockchain technology. This is why they are holding their ICO in the very near future, they want to get the ball rolling on this project as soon as possible.

Static Coin STIC ICO Details

The pre-sale of their ICO will be ending on the 4th of March. In total, they will be using 50% of the funds raised for the area of research and development, with 20% going towards business development and marketing, 10% for partner scouting, 10% for admin and running costs, 5% for regulations and legal, with the final 5% going towards promotion fees.

There will be a total coin supply set at 72 million and following the ICO, any unsold tokens may be burnt which will result in the supply of it being lower. Their pre-sale is currently ongoing and will last until the 4th of March or unless they manage to reach their goal of 1500 ETH before this time limit has been reached.


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