With the current stance of the crypto market, many investors are finding themselves in an uncomfortable situation. Not only are some investors worrying over the 95 percent slash in profits, many are not willing to back out unless they regain their original investment.

While a previous Google Trends report revealed that the search term, “Bitcoin price” is losing interest among consumers, many of whom are still involved in the market are hodling as long as they possibly can.

As per a Statista report, we haven’t reached the complete bottom yet and the findings, which were reported via Null Tx, depict the top six countries with the most Bitcoin hodlers as being the following:

6. United States

Cryptocurrencies are focused greatly by not only investors, but big firms and regulators as well. While one would have expected to see the country in the top three, especially having made all sorts of headlines in regard to the digital asset, it seems people are gradually losing interest in its like, despite 8 percent of its population currently hodling BTC. This also does not come of surprise, as the US is widely known for seeking ways in which cryptocurrencies should be categorized.

5. Czechia

Based on the findings, Czechia takes fifth position, with nearly 9 percent of its population currently hodling BTC. This is interesting, as Null Tx noted, given the fact that this country has only made headlines for any crypto related “hacking attempts”.

4. Spain

Ten percent of Spain’s population currently hodls BTC and this has been associated with the number of ATMs established that support simple conversion from BTC to cash and vice versa.

3. Poland

Up next is Poland, where nearly 11 percent of the population hodls some form of cryptocurrencies. This is shocking given the fact the country’s crypto industry has not lifted off like that of others.

2. Romania

Romanian hodlers amount to about 12 percent of the entire population. Many are not surprised to see this, as the country is filled with content creators and freelancers who might be getting paid in cryptocurrencies.

1. Turkey

Statistic has reported Turkey is the number one country with the most BTC hodlers to date, amounting to a hefty 20 percent of the population. Despite the country’s lack of crypto regulation, several endeavors have since been established to understand the technology behind the digital assets.

Were you surprised by the top six ? Were you expecting a country that did not make the list? If so, let us know which ones in the comments below.

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