Privacy in the present-day world of today has always been a thorny issue, often talked about in hushed tones. As the internet, technology and the social media continue to expand, privacy that once existed is gradually becoming a rare commodity.

What are sad, tech firms and the government thrives off the private information stealthily extracted from you. And what they use is any device that can access the web, including that smartphone of yours. What’s remaining is what StealthCrypto is proposing to do – use StealthCrypto Phone.

What Is StealthCrypto?

Mobile phones and privacy aren’t the best of friends, albeit many don’t know. However, Stealth Grid has embarked on developing, testing and eventually releasing the very first of entirely encrypted mobile phones. The way these phones are made is absolutely mind-boggling given the way they are blockchain-based.

StealthCrypto Phones will definitely be a massive hit in the current and future world. Given that it will give its users enormous power over their privacy and what they project to the world when they use Wi-Fi or data, many will probably want to have one. But that’s just on the surface; before we delve into how these phones will decentralize mobile communication and not rely on the quintessential centralized infrastructures.

StealthCrypto Stealth Grid Blockchain

Built on the decentralized, self-sustainable, incentivized and quantum mesh network-based blockchain-technology, StealthCrypto phones will feature built-in privacy control center. With the control center, a user will be the only person with total access to the device. Furthermore, it will come with space for a downloadable virtual wallet with access to several crypto exchanges.

The whole initiative is tailored for end-user privacy and focuses on end-to-end encryption for phone calls, video conferencing, emails, texting, and cloud storage. The uniqueness of StealthCrypto phones will stem out of the fact that it will belong to the burgeoning crypto world. With the Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) and the Split Encryption Authentication Integration, no single day will your privacy be exposed when you have this phone.

StealthCrypto Quantum Cyber Security

What Stealth Grid development team is doing is remarkable. The Quantum Secure Digital Identity ecosystem will be a lot more superior to any other identity systems and will be safe and secure, private and reliable.

Basically, they are designing an earth-shaking solution to what has always seemed unavoidable – privacy online. The proprietary, end-to-end Quantum Cyber Security that consists of Dynamic Split GeoDistribution, Dynamic Split Encryption and Quantum Key Distribution among others is the best of its kind.

StealthCrypto QMN ICO Details

Testing of the first of these phones was a success, and as at now, an ICO to fund development of them in large scale is expected to start. Pre-sale started on January 28, 2018, while the main ICO is slated for March 18, 2018, when it will run all the way to April 18, 2018.

Much of the information about the token sale is contained in the Whitepaper available in the site, though the initial price per token is $1 while the amount expected to be raised will be $100,000,000 from the 100,000,000 QMN tokens. As for any purchase, the minimum amount will be $500.

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