The cryptocurrency works is already fairly powerful with the profits that it brings to investors. However, the actual part of this industry that keeps it moving is the gradual transition to digital adoption across any platform that processes funds. Digital assets are meant to be exchanged, and there are multiple firms that are welcoming this integration of cryptocurrencies into their infrastructure.

Lumens Lets Consumers Travel

The Register is a well-known technology website in the UK, and they recently published a new e-book that can enlighten consumers – “The Geek’s Guide to Britain.” Even though the book is taking much of the attention, since it is a free source of information, there is actually more to know about the laundry.

After The Register partnered with SatoshiPay, the platform will provide the option for micropayment within the website, though the available purchases will be rather limited. The only place to purchase Stellar Lumens (XLM) is through The Register’s website, where SatoshiPay credits will be listed. The credits can go towards the book as a whole, or it can be purchased in sections so that the user can support SatoshiPay in other ways.

SatoshiPay is far from exclusive to The Register, since they have partnerships with multiple firms. However, Blue Star (their creator) sees this opportunity as a game changer in the industry. The Register has an impressive reputation, and their name in the XLM tokens help to expose it to a much larger market. The CEO of SatoshiPay, Meinhard Benn, said:

“We see blockchain technology and Stellar in particular as a significant enabler of this evolution. With micropayments, publishers can cater for their readers’ demand for reduced advertising, whilst charging a small fee for viewing content.”

“One Of The First Mainstream Uses Of Blockchain Payments”

The concept of taking on micropayments as a legitimate form of compensation is difficult, because it usually isn’t worth the fees that traders are charged. However, after years of exploration and research, it is finally a possibility. The whole point of giving all of this information in an e-book is to make the information affordable and easy to bring along.

Right now, the e-book spans the 26 different destinations that consumers will want to learn more about, like the first transatlantic telephone cable in Scotland.

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