Stellar Lumens (XLM) Blockchain Projects Get TokenSoft ICO Services Support

Stellar’s Lumens Protocol Gets More Attention as TokenSoft Launches Support Project Through It

TokenSoft is a platform that offers ICO services, and they have recently decided that they want to launch a new project. That new project will be tied in with the Stellar lumens protocol, helping them to establish the right compliance procedures as they start up.

The co-founder of TokenSoft, Mason Borda, spoke with CoinDesk recently, saying that the company has been interested in collaborating with Stellar since the beginning of the year. He noted that their level of “maturity” was exactly why they wanted to bring it in. He continued, saying,

“We feel that [the Stellar network], the tool sets and the underlying infrastructure do provide the maturity for us to provide official support. We're excited to announce that if you want to receive payments for lumens, we can provide support.”

When Borda saw that the demand for Stellar had been rising since late last year, he admitted that he was a “little bit skeptical,” due to the lack of token issuance. Still, he said,

“We noticed that not only was there demand for Stellar, but also entrepreneurs and companies were beginning to use Stellar.”

With more demand and adoption, it was clear to TokenSoft that Stellar is a platform to follow. There have been many requests for TokenSoft’s help with other networks, and Borda believes that this number will continue to rise. He did not name any companies or projects, but he believes that ICOs will start to pop up soon.

There are no other protocols planned for TokenSoft’s support right now, but their tools are designed in a way that they do not have to be glued to a particular blockchain. He noted,

“We consider our tools and services to be sort of agnostic of what underlying blockchain these things launch on, and the reason is that regulations are consistent regardless of what blockchains or tool sets you're using, sort of underlying your product.”

Stellar keeps reaching impressive progress in their efforts. Just yesterday, Chain had been purchased in a deal by, which is a startup that has created its foundation on the Stellar protocol. The goal of this acquisition is to develop another venture called Interstellar, which Chain CEO Adam Ludwin and creator Jeb McCaleb of the Stellar protocols will head up.

Ludwin will take on the CEO role, while McCaleb is to be named the CTO. Ludwin was clear that Interstellar will not include the Stellar lumens market, saying,

“It's about the platform layer to make the network as powerful and useful as possible for those organizations that want to leverage stellar.”

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