The cryptocurrency wallet and exchange Interstellar, has launched the pre-release version of the Bulletproofs implementation. This is very important in order to enhance privacy in the network. This information was released on November 8 in a blog post.

As per the announcement, the Bulletrpoofs implementation will provide a stable interface for creating and verifying range proofs. These range proofs are an important tool to enhance and improve confidential transaction systems, including Confidential Transactions for Bitcoin, or many other protocols.

This implementation has shown to be faster than other implementations. For example, is more than 4 times faster than the Monero (XMR) implementation. Compared to the libsecp implementations with and without endomorphisms, the Bulletproofs implementation is 1.83 and 2 times faster respectively.

Not only the performance has improved according to the blog post. They have also improved the API making it clean, safe and extensible for single-party proving and multi-party computation of aggregated proofs.

It is also important to mention that Bulletproofs are currently not extensible to the constraint system case. In this specific case, the implemented proofs are tied to the aggregation size and the bitsize.

In order to build the API for Bulletproof constraint systems, they were inspired by the Bellman API that is used in ZCash (ZEC). This allows prover and verifier to programmatically define a constraint system and create a proof.

This Bulletproofs implementation was announced a few years ago by a company known as Chain that was later acquired by Stellar. According to the blog post, they will be uploading more information on the matter.

The team behind this implementation worked with Sean Bowe, Darie Hopwood, ad Jack Grigg that are part of the ZCash team. Furthermore, Mary Maller, from University College of London has also provided suggestions and proposals.

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