What Is StellarGold?

Decentralized exchanges offer a trustless trading method that comes with great transparency. Despite the various advantages that these exchanges have, all transactions occur with the help of miners. That is going to be the focus of the StellarGold Coin token. The StellarGold will be used to educate common people on mining and the various means of mining.

This will ensure there are more miners and that the transaction times are cut down. By contributing to StellarGold, each member will be considered a legit miner, and it will be used to pay the mining fees for miners.

The Current Issues StellarGold Seeks To Solve

Losing Money To Fake Miners

With the growing number of digital currencies and miners, it is inevitable that people go to mining sites, which incorporate many people. This has led to the development of fake mining sites. These sites cheat people by taking money from them and delivering only disappointment.

Number Of Minable Cryptos

With the growing number of crypto coins that can be mined, the number of miners has grown a lot. This has also made it hard for small GPU miners to provide profits. Thus, there is need to find professional miners.

Awareness Of Mining

Some people who are not conversant with mining waste their time and money making losses with their PCs. This is simply because they use the wrong mining strategies.

Mining Powers Crypto

Without mining, crypto would collapse. This is because all transactions have to be confirmed by a miner at some point. Thus, it is important that the number of miners grows. This will ensure that the transaction fees drop.

StellarGold XLMGOLD Token ICO Details

  • Symbol: XLMGOLD
  • Platform: Ethereum(ERC 20)
  • Contribution methods: ETH
  • Soft cap in USD: $2 million
  • Hard cap in USD: $20 million
  • Min contribution: .25 ETH
  • Max contribution: 100 ETH
  • Total number of tokens: 10,000,000,000

StellarGold XLM Crypto Fork Coin Solution

StellarGold or XLMGOLD is the solution that will save crypto. It will help users access a simple, secure, and fast transaction method to various mining platforms. This ERC20 token can be stored in any Ethereum wallet.

It offers users a fast money transaction method while being safe with low transaction fees. The token can also be used to pay miners who are legit. It is able to distinguish between fake miners and real mining sites. The result is that the real mining sites will get more people. This is not designed to be just a store of value.

Stellargold can also be used for everyday trade. One of the qualities that the token has is speed. This transaction using StellarGold take seconds with minimal gas used. Besides that, the token is also quite secure. The coin cannot be hacked from your wallet unless you share your private key. The token is designed in a manner that you will never be asked to provide your private key.

It also has the benefit of anonymity. Every transaction you make will always be anonymous. That way, you do not have to worry about your privacy being intruded. Besides that, there is a lot of transparency. This makes it possible to identify any attempts of fraud with ease. Besides that, this coin is not bound by any exchange rates. Thus, it can be used by anyone in the world.

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