Stem Cell Coin

Health is perhaps the most vital aspect of human life. However, in this era of industrialization, the toxic fumes that emanate from factories have caused a significant increase in the prevalence of lifestyle diseases. Additionally, the ratio of doctors to patients increases by the day, making it difficult to aces health services in a timely manner.

Nearly two decades since the millennium, the world is still on the losing end against health issues that should have been solved many years ago. As of now, over one billion human beings cannot access basic healthcare services entirely. Notably, this figure is not inclusive of individuals who require specialized care.

Every year, an estimated 35 million people succumb to chronic conditions such cardiac diseases, diabetes, cancer, and so on. On the other hand, treatable communicable infections such TB and pneumonia claim at least six million lives on an annual basis.

Evidently, there is dire need for the implantation of a fresh approach reading the global healthcare systems. The best way to realize this is by creating a medical ecosystem that is powered by advanced technological infrastructure.

How Stem Cell Coin Works

As mentioned above, the world is in the digital era, characterized by innovative and advance technologies. Therefore, it is imperative for key stakeholders to leverage this opportunities to establish a lasting solution to the perennial problems facing the medical sector.

The Stem Cell Project will rely on the IoT and blockchain technology to revolutionize the medical services industry. Instead of substituting the current system, Stem Cell intends to complement the services and improve them using advanced technology. For instance, this solution will leverage AI and blockchain technologies to establish Virtual Clinics. Through such incentives, Stem Cell will make medical services more accessible to patients.

Furthermore, patients will not be required to visit clinics on a regular basis. Rather, they will remotely upload their diagnostic records to the AI and blockchain-driven platform. This platform will be accessible to a network of medical institutions. As a result, the process of treatment and further diagnosis will become substantially faster.

Unlike conventional physicians, Virtual Clinic doctors will provide services efficiently thanks to the input of the AI diagnostic system powered by a distributed ledger and big data analytics. Moreover, the system will feature multiple sensors that enhance the accuracy of a diagnosis. Consequently, the workload of the limited number of doctors will be reduced, allowing them to deal with demanding issues.

As the name suggests, this project will emphasize on stem cell therapy, with an aim of reducing the cost of regenerative medicines. Also, the solution aims to establish a repository in which stem cells will be stored, known as the Cell Bank. If an individual contracts a chronic condition or a severe injury, the healthy stem cells are drawn firm the Cell Bank and used as remedy. Besides, the project will designate an entire unit towards the clinical research on stem cells. The primary mandate of this unit will be the development of stem cell-based remedies.

Who Is Behind Stem Cell Coin?

The Stem Cell Project team is made of seasoned professionals with years of experience in the medical industry. Its supervisors, Takayuki Matsuo, is a renowned expert, having contributed actively in the development of the world’s smallest electrocardiograph. When Takayuki was introduced to stem cell technology in 2010, he did not know of its enormous potential. Nonetheless, he has since committed his knowledge to the development of regenerative medicine using stem cells.

Stem Cell Coin SCC Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: SCC
  • Token Sale Date: Present – 10/30/18
  • Token Price: $0.14
  • Accepted Payment Method: BTC, ETH, NEO
  • Total Supply: 5,000,000,000 SCC
  • Token Standard: NEO NEP-5 Token

Stem Cell Coin Conclusion

An intelligent healthcare system collectively assesses the human population and uses several sources to create a remedy for chronic conditions such as cancer. In this regard, the Stem Cell Project will rely on blockchain technology to bridge the healthcare gap and provide services to populations that were previously underserved.

Although it may seem a far cry, the vision of a healthy global population will eventually be realized. When the time comes, the money that would have otherwise been used on treatment will be redirected to other progressive activities.

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