Sterling Sovereign ICO (STSO Token): Legit Cryptocurency Project?

Sterling Sovereign is a new type of cryptocurrency that will serve the hotel industry in terms of accommodation and flight booking systems.

The token is fully authorized by the government. Broadly defined, Cryptocurrency is digital virtual money that takes the form of tokens or ‘coins.’ Some cryptocurrencies have entered in to partnerships with credit card companies and other projects.

At Sterling Sovereign Token, the team came up with an idea regarding cryptocurrency from the last few years, which could make it easy for people across the world to participate in the crypto industry. The team successfully developed a blockchain-based ERC20 token, which they branded “Sterling Sovereign Token.”

It is very safe, secure, and fast compared to the fiat currency. The Sovereign Token was designed to support hotels and flights booking. The team is also developing an app for the same, which they would introduce soon after launching the website.

The Token

The Sterling Sovereign Token comes with secure algorithms with multiple security layers. It is the world’s first blockchain token that is very easily accessible, transferrable, and could be used for business and booking purposes.

Interested parties can get the tokens through supported currencies to use according to their requirements just in one click. To view the list of supported countries, contact the STSO DEV team. Overall, the token is:

  • Highly safe and secure
  • Efficient
  • Easily transferrable

How It Works

Almost all cryptocurrencies launched so far have the same function, which is to keep the amount in digits or crypto wallets and use it on different sites or convert it into their local bank money.

Recently, the technical team (STSO DEV team) from the U.S. has introduced an amazing idea by working on the blockchain currencies. The team launched a blockchain-based ERC20 token—the Sterling Sovereign Token, which would work as a centralized currency.

According to their website, initially, the currency would be used for hotel booking and flights booking system. The cryptocurrency has several features and outstanding supportive app that users would be available in the market soon.

In the future, the platform will collaborate with major companies to help the community use the app and benefit from it.

How Is It Different From Other Crypto Tokens?

There is a huge difference between Sterling Sovereign and other crypto tokens. For example, the cryptocurrency is convertible into any currency. In other cryptocurrencies, users have limited options for crypto tokens use.

Additionally, yes, the Sterling Sovereign tokens are quite secure and fast compared to other cryptocurrencies. Besides, it is easy to acquire the tokens. Initially users can get the tokens by contacting the STSO team on their website. After launching the app, users could be able to buy the tokens themselves.

The Expert Team

The STSO DEV team is currently working on generic ideas and developments for increasing the facilities and business trends that will last over the years.

Launching of the Sterling Sovereign token is a result of teamwork, dedication, and completing the milestones.

Token Properties

  • Token Name: Sterling Sovereign
  • Symbol: STSO
  • Decimal: 18
  • Minimum investment: 0.01 ETH

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