Stipend is a platform powered by blockchain technology. It aims to be the ultimate solution for a decentralized jobs marketplace. In the current system, more companies are hiring people remotely since it is a cheaper and easier way to get a bigger pool of creative employees. These platforms offer ways to find work, surveys, and bounties.

However, these jobs are split between different platforms and have very high fees. The developers of stipend believe that a decentralized blockchain based platform will be much better and provide a future-proof solution and replacement for such platforms. Clients will be able to post offers and the freelancers will be able to apply for offers without restrictions. The platform will automate the process of reviewing work by use of a user-rating scheme.

Stipend platform relies on blockchain technology that allows for all transactions, history, and ratings to be permanently engraved into the blockchain. This will result in increased transparency and openness in the industry. Low fees and instant payments will also characterize stipend and the top users will be rewarded by reward schemes present on the platform.

Advantages Of Stipend Coin

Instant payment

As a freelancer, you deliver work on time and Stipend will ensure you do not wait for your payment but you get it instantly.

Decentralized platform

The platform will run and finance itself through the coin reward system that will make it fully decentralized with the blockchain.

Low Fees

This will all be due to the use of the blockchain technology that will eliminate intermediaries. Users will enjoy low fees that are yet to be seen before in such platforms.

Master nodes and privacy

Master nodes will use a decentralized and stable network that will see them rewarded for the service. The master nodes also enhance privacy by use of darksend stealth.

Stipend Coin-SPD

The stipend coin will be at a low supply of 19,340,594 SPD coins. This low supply will ensure there is enough demand for the coins. The C11 algorithm used will enhance the security of the hashes. The developers will use the sha-256d in the proof of stake. The master nodes will allow for a stable network and a copy of the blockchain will be stocked in each node. Privacy will be enhanced due to the use of TOR/Electrum servers.

The coin is a no-fee coin. This will allow the user to do multiple transactions at almost zero cost. The coin will be used to reward and pay freelancers for completing tasks. Teams will easily and efficiently provide payments to contributors who have fulfilled the requirements of any job. Those who choose to use SPD as a form of payment will not need to pay any fees.

However, others using any other means of payment will be charged a small fee that will be paid by the buyer. A verification process and a reputation system will be built that verifies that each of the jobs was successfully completed before payment is paid out to the freelancer. This system will be known as the pre-user rating.

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