Stockbet is a platform that allows customers to speculate and bet on cryptocurrencies, initial public offerings (IPOs), stocks and more. The platform is interactive as it allows its users to chat and interact with other members of the site without having to wager real money.

Why Play Stockbet?

Social Contest: People care more about winning or losing in soccer pools compared to winning or losing in their stock portfolios. This is because of social contest, which enables players to banter and share a laugh. With StockBet, players may have the same kind of fun as they do with sports

IPOs: Betting on initial public offerings (IPOs) was exclusive, available only to the one percent on Wall Street or The City. Now, StockBet allows the small guys bet on the large name IPOs as well.

Play for free: An increasing number of brands, such as Google, Apple and Microsoft, are becoming international. Billions of users understand them well. Many are bullish or bearish but cannot put bets on these, since it's impossible for them without an open trading account. Now with Stockbet they can.


You can select from thousands of stocks, ETFs (for sectors and commodities) and the major indices (Dow Jones, FTSE, S&P 500, Nasdaq, CAC, DAX and TSX) from the New York, London, Euronext Paris, Frankfurt and Toronto stock exchanges. (Presently, only the CAC and DAX are available from Paris and Frankfurt.)


You bet on the significant cryptocurrencies. More currencies are being added by Stockbet every day, so interested users should send the company a request if they are interested in speculating on a certain one.

Information Taken From Their Customers

Customers need to supply an e-mail addresss and password upon registration. One can add info to your profile and join in on the discussions, but none of that is mandatory.

You are going to get email notifications from Stockbet, however on the site, you'll have the option to select which ones you would like to get or not.

Skilled Based Games

Stockbet offers skill-based games, which can be described as an action that is betting if it entails these 3 components:

  • Stake (Consideration)
  • Chance (Skill-based games can have a portion of opportunity)
  • Gain or Profit (Prize)

If you play with their free Chips, that cannot be redeemed and take no value, then there is no Stake and no Profit or Loss. In this scenario, you won't be gambling on their website.

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