Stockchain Global STOK Review

Are you looking for the opportunity of making a great investment which can make you gain a lot of money in the blockchain and cryptocurrency market? If you are interested in that, then you will have plenty of options to choose from, but you will hardly find the best ones if you are not very well informed about this market. You need to know where the best investments are if you are interested in them.

Our blog can be a great resource that will help investors like you when they need to know more about this market and to come with solutions for the problem of not knowing the market enough to make a good investment. We review many companies so we can inform our readers about the opportunities and the dangers involved in investing in new companies.

Today we are going to review a new company which has appeared on our radar called Stockchain Global STOK.

What is Stockchain Global STOK?

Stockchain Global is the name of a blockchain company whose main objective is to improve the ways that financial assets are bought and managed in the market by reducing the middlemen involved in these transactions and the costs that the users will normally pay for this type of service.

Investors generally take days to make financial transactions. That happens because they have many middlemen which can make these processes last way more than they actually should in such a technological time like ours. The blockchain technology can certainly change that, Stockchain Global believes.

The plan of the company is to use blockchain to terminate the dozens of intermediaries that ramp up the cost of investing.

How Does Stockchain Global Work?

The blockchain technology allows for the simplication of the current model of making an investment. If you want to sell or buy an asset (stocks, bonds, etc) in the financial market, you need to use a platform or a broker, then a buyer’s custodian, an exchange, a clearing house, a market maker, a central securities depository, a register, a seller’s custodian and then finally the seller’s broker.

All these intermediaries charge for their services, so even if every one of them charges less than Stockchain Global, you would still be charged about 8 times to make a simple transaction.

Stockchain Global intends to change this by making the market more connected via its own platform. Using the blockchain technology, the company plans on eliminating all these people and institutions and charging only once per the transaction (and with a low fee of 1%).

The company is finishing the last phase of its project, the building of the tokens that will be used to make exchanged in the upcoming Stockchain Global platform. Because of this, buying the STC tokens is the way to invest in the company and fund the final development of the trading platform.

How to Invest in Stockchain Global?

Are you interested in acquiring the STC tokens of this company? If you want to invest in Stockchain Global, you will have to buy the STC tokens during the pre-Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or during the main sale.

At the moment, the pre-sale is already happening. To apply you have to fill out the whitelist application, be reviewed and then you will be able to purchase your tokens. You will be able to get bonuses that will vary from 5% to 1% if you invest during the pre-ICO, but no bonuses if you wait until the upcoming main sale (which does not have an official date yet).

You can also money from referral bonuses. When someone invest using your referral code, you will earn 5% extra tokens. Another way to get bonuses is by promoting the ICO. Depending on your efforts, the bonus will be from 1% to 10%.

The Stockchain Global STOK ICO Verdict

Is this company a good choice for you? It can certainly be. Stockchain Global seems like a very legit company and it does not show any type of red flag on its site. In fact, the company seems really trustworthy and has plenty of information about the people that work there on its page, which can be always considered to be a great sign.

The company can offer you a profitable way to invest in the market, too, because of the low fees that it will charge for its services. So if you are interested in this company, it can be a great time to inform yourself more about, visit its site and decide if this can be a good opportunity for you.

We consider Stockchain Global to be a good and worthy investment, but in the end, it is always up to you. You have to account for the pros and cons of investing in this company and you will be able to decide if you should invest in Stockchain Global or if you do not believe that investing in this company can be really as profitable as it looks like.

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