What Is StorePlex?

StorePlex is a decentralized marketplace that allows the sale and purchase of products and services in exchange for cryptocurrencies. The marketplace will be available for global users and will support thousands of merchants and millions of sellers at no fee.

The users will not be expected to pay any joining fee or any fee for the creation of listings. This allows the platform to be easily accessible. Any purchases made by use of the PLEX tokens will attract zero processing fees while any other form of payment used will incur only 1% processing fee.

StorePlex Blockchain Goods & Services Marketplace Features

Reliability And Security

The use of blockchain technology allows for transactions to be available in the blockchain which ensures easy dispute resolution. This also protects against tampering and account compromisation. Further, blockchain never goers offline which allows for maximum uptime and processing of transactions.

Use Of Blockchain Technology

The use of blockchain technology allows every listing and transaction to be stored on the blockchain. Blockchain technology also reduces intermediaries during transactions, which reduces costs on both the buyer and sellers part.


The marketplace will be used on a global scale and will support many merchants and listings.

No Processing Fees

For those who use PLEX tokens as a form of payment, there will be no processing fee. Other supported payment options will be charged 1% processing fee.

No Insertion Fee

For sellers who want to create listings, they will not be charged any insertion fees.

Community funding

There will be a community investment fund that will help small-scale entrepreneurs expand their businesses.

Cashback Scheme

The platform has a cashback program whereby all the purchases made using the PLEX token will receive a 3% cashback.

Feedback Program

Merchants can use the feedback and ratings on different transactions that are available on the blockchain and use them on other mediums.

Buyer And Seller Protection

The use of smart contracts protects both buyers and sellers from fraud due to the use of escrow. Additionally, their payment and personal information will be safe and secure due to the use of blockchain technology.

StorePlex Uses

  • Storeplex will be the ideal marketplace used to sell and purchase goods and services
  • The presence of the community investment fund will promote small-scale entrepreneurs
  • Sellers will be able to upgrade their accounts and promote their listings
  • The platform will be accessible and low-cost means of accessing goods and services as there will be no processing fees charged when users transact using Plex tokens

StorePlex PLEX Token & ICO Details

PLEX is the StorePlex primary token that will be used in the marketplace. It is based on the Ethereum network and uses the ERC-20 standard. Users can use it to purchase goods and services in the marketplace. The token will also be accepted by every listing on the Storeplex marketplace among other payment options.

The token can be transferred between any ERC-20 compatible wallets such as Mist, Parity, MetaMask among others. The token will also be traded on exchanges in addition to acting as the primary currency of the Storewplex marketplace. The maximum number of tokens that will be in circulation will be 100,000,000 PLEX tokens. Each token is valued at 1 PLEX=$0.20. The main token sale is scheduled to be in mid-2018.

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