Stratis Puzzle Challenge Starts, Hopes To Find Talented Blockchain Developers

Stratis has been making small headlines recently, and only announced their ICO in May 2018. Since then, they informed their consumers on July 19th that they now have the Stratis Identity mobile application available for download, though it is specifically made for iOS devices.

Stratis Identity iOS Release

In this announcement, the company reveals that the free app would give consumers full control of their identity and the ability to imprint it on their blockchain. This simple action ensures that any sharing on the blockchain does not reveal personal information of the user. Furthermore, the technology they have in place will also open the door for other agencies to secure their customer information.

Basically, Stratis wants to make the blockchain look more appealing and less intimidating to consumers. It is an affordable solution for development, testing, and the use of blockchain applications, specifically on the .Net framework.

The CEO of Stratis, Chris Trew, explained a little further,

“Mass adoption of blockchain will only come through simplicity, and Stratis Identity offers a streamlined way to verify one’s identity through popular social media accounts, using pre-existing Microsoft, LinkedIn or Google account information. Once one’s true identity is established through our app, a Stratis Identity can be shared securely without ever exposing any specific user’s sensitive personal data.”

On the application, there is a unique registry of each person, company, and organization, though the personal details are not accessible without permission. Every social media account has the necessary details to link it, but the information has to first be initiated by the user.

When someone is registered on the blockchain, then there are a couple of things that happen. According to the company,

“First, a unique, immutable address belonging to you is created on the Stratis blockchain. Second, any confirmation of your information is encoded as a custom, hashed transaction,”

Stratis stated.

“Only a string of numbers and letters is placed on the blockchain, no personal information is stored – just metadata linking to your Stratis Identity.”

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