Stratus Mining

Stratus Mining lets you rent mining power online at Find out if it’s legit today in our review.

What Is Stratus Mining?

Stratus Mining lets you purchase shares in mining hardware. You purchase shares in mining hardware, then enjoy the benefits of that hardware without needing to deal with maintenance or electricity costs.

The platform describes itself as “the future of crypto-mining.” Stratus Mining announced itself with a press release on March 15, 2018.

Obviously, we’ve seen a number of platforms like this Stratus Mining. Some are legitimate, and they offer legitimate mining rig rentals over the cloud. Others are less honest and charge high prices for non-existent mining hardware.

Where does Stratus Mining fall? Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

How Stratus Mining Rent Crypto Mining Hash Power Works

Stratus Mining claims to be the most efficient and eco-friendly cryptocurrency mining operation in Europe. The company is based in Austria. Some of the core features of the platform include:

Fair Prices:

Stratus Mining emphasizes a fair price to performance ratio. Prices are calculated using special mining software.

User Safety:

Stratus Mining emphasizes maximum security. To achieve that goal, Stratus Mining stores all user data and business data on the blockchain. Users can check transactions at any point to verify they took place.

Green Mining:

The Austria-based Stratus Mining uses hydroelectric dams to supply energy to its mining rigs. This energy is not just green – it’s also very stable, which means Stratus Mining ends up paying stable prices for their electricity.

Stratus Mining claims to offer “more than just mining”. Users can access live mining stats and blockchain-secured payouts, for example. Customers can earn money by referring other people to the platform. You can re-invest money back into the platform. Or, you can withdraw referral money at any point.

Today, Stratus Mining claims to have 17,058 megahashes of mining power across 84 machines and 335 customers.

Packages range from 550 EUR to 10,000 EUR. Mining is scheduled to begin on June 1, 2018.

Who’s Behind Stratus Mining?

Stratus Mining was announced on March 15, 2018. The company was founded by four Austrian entrepreneurs, including Dr. Peter Peikoff (Managing Partner and Founder), Danell Daral (Managing Partner and Founder), Leonardo Peikoff (Managing Partner and Founder), and Dominik Gattermayer (Managing Partner and Founder).

The Stratus Mining Pre-Sale

Stratus Mining is holding a pre-sale from March 15 to April 30, 2018. During that pre-sale, you can purchase mining packages from the company using bitcoin, Ethereum Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and credit cards.

Right now, you can purchase Ethereum mining packages and bitcoin mining packages through the official website, including all of the following:

Ethereum Mining Packages

  • ETH Bronze (550 EUR): 22 megahashes for 1000 days
  • ETH Silver (1375 EUR): 55 megahashes for 1000 days
  • ETH Gold (4625 EUR): 185 megahashes for 1000 days
  • ETH Platinum (9250 EUR): 370 megahashes for 1000 days

Bitcoin Mining Packages

  • BTC Bronze (600 EUR): 1.4 terrahashes for 800 days
  • BTC Silver (1500 EUR): 3.5 terrahashes for 800 days
  • BTC Gold (5000 EUR): 12.0 terrahashes for 800 days
  • BTC Platinum (10,000 EUR): 24.0 terrashes for 800 days

Mining is scheduled to begin on June 1, 2018 for Ethereum and bitcoin mining packages. Stratus Mining is also giving itself a plus or minus 5% wiggle room for its hashrate.

Stratus Mining Summary

Stratus Mining is an Austrian company offering 8 different bitcoin and Ethereum mining packages. The company was announced in March 2018, with a pre-sale for its mining packages taking place until April 30, 2018. Mining packages range from 550 EUR to 10,000 EUR. All mining takes place in Austria, where mining rigs receive energy from nearby hydroelectric dams.

To learn more about Stratus Mining and how they plan to compete in a crowded bitcoin mining space, visit online today at

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