Stratxis is a cryptocurrency investment scheme that promises to pay you returns of 6% per day, every day, with a minimum investment of $10. Find out if it’s a scam or legit opportunity today.

What Is Stratxis?

Stratxis, found online at, is an investment company that claims to make “investments into the bit trading market stocks.” Through these investments, the company has been able to generate guaranteed returns higher than any hedge fund in the world: the company claims to pay investors 6% ROI per day, every day.

Obviously, when someone claims to pay you 6% ROI per day for anything online, it’s a 100% sign you’re being scammed. There’s no such thing as an investment that pays 6% per day – not in cryptocurrency, and not anywhere else.

In reality, Stratxis doesn’t seem to have any investments or mining system in place. Instead, the company survives off referral commissions. You refer people to the platform, get a portion of their membership fee, and the scheme stays afloat for a few more weeks.

How Does Stratxis Claim To Make Money?

Stratxis vaguely mentions bitcoin investments. The website is filled with atrocious English:

“Our team consists of experienced specialists who not only make qualified market analysis, but also provide high results in getting good profits.We monitor market daily and with help of that diminish the risks to about zero level when working on the Bit trading market.”

Yes, the company legitimately refers to cryptocurrencies as “the bit trading market”.

In addition to this fake investment program, the company claims to have some type of mining system in place. Here’s how the company explains their mining:

“Stratxis uses the most advanced technologies of the blockchain and have of many flexible mechanisms allowing to use it in the most different directions.”

Yes, that’s the word-for-word phrasing on the official website.

How Does Stratxis Really Work?

Stratxis appears to be a pyramid scheme, a Ponzi scheme, or a high yield investment program (HYIP). The company has no bitcoin investment program in place. There’s no automated trading system. And there’s certainly no mining system.

Instead, Stratxis works like all pyramid schemes and HYIPs: the company lures investors with promises of high returns. Then, it encourages investors to recruit new members to the platform. The old investors are paid by the deposits of new investors, and the scheme continues operating until it all collapses.

This is how companies like Bitconnect, Regalcoin, and other infamous scams work. Stratxis is just like a sleazier, more poorly-designed version of these companies.

Stratxis Pricing

Stratxis has just one “investment package”.

That package pays you 6% interest per day for 30 “working days”. Interest is compounded daily, which means you can effectively triple your money over the 30 day period.

Your investment package comes with 8%, 3%, and 2% referrals down three levels of a pyramid scheme.

You can deposit money using bitcoin, Perfect Money, or Payeer.

Who’s Behind Stratxis?

Stratxis Limited claims to have a corporate headquarters at an address in London. Unfortunately, we can find no proof that the company is based at that location.

Stratxis also claims to be a legitimate registered UK corporation. You can view their registration file at That company was incorporated in October 2017 to a man named Mikel Ross.

We’ve seen other bitcoin scams use a similar system, where they pretend to be legitimate London-registered companies, yet they’re not.

Conclusion: Is Stratxis A Scam?

Stratxis is yet another obvious bitcoin investment scam. The company promises to pay you 6% per day, every day, with no hard work, skills, or experience required. In fact, all you need to do is pay the company a bunch of money today, and they’ll pay you more money in the future. It’s that easy!

In reality, if you deposit money into Stratxis, you’re never going to see it again. Even if you’re one of the lucky few who does get a small return from a HYIP, the entire scheme will collapse in the very near future. Stratxis is a scam from bottom to top.

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