The team around STREAM STC has created a decentralized streaming token that pledges to bring more freedom and control to content creators.


Online videos, no matter if posted on social media or uploaded to a video streaming platform, are still one of the most common ways of distributing content out into the world. But across every platform, creators complain about getting unfair deals or not getting compensated enough. Developing relevant content does not automatically lead to profitability or a career for the creators.

Video platforms take up to a 50% cut from each video makers income, which mostly is generated through advertising. Also, to create videos that will gain lots of views, a creator will have to pay expenses out of their own pocket, before even adding it to the platform.

One could argue, that video makers can just leave these big platforms, but where else are they suppose to upload their content? Leaving sites like YouTube would mean losing a fan base and a huge audience overall as well as any income that is generated through these sites. As a consequence, creators have no choice and are forced to accept the terms imposed by platforms.

STREAM STC wants to eliminate the middlemen on these platforms and also motivate content creators to keep making content that is their own state of the art and true to themselves.

The team who founded are content creators themselves and receive millions of views. The know the feeling of not being in control over their own creations, facing restrictions and other difficulties like demonetization. claims to be a way of empowering content creators and the streaming community by using blockchain technology that supports the undercurrent economy.

The site operates in the background of the internet to connect content and viewers across platforms and will make sure to make that creators, who developed free content, get paid fairly through their decentralized system. Stream tokens (STREAM) are based on the total amount of views on stream, so creators that generate the most views will receive the most tokens.


Stream is capping their token sale at $33 million USD and will supply approximately 12 billion tokens. The public token sale date and an accompanying whitepaper have not been released yet, but will most likely happen at the end of January or start of February 2018.

Token distribution details:

  • 33% Token Sale
  • 25% Customer acquisition
  • 25% Company development
  • 17% Team
  • Pre-token Sale value of STC fixed at $0.01 USD.

Conclusion For STREAM STC

The developers and creators of have great plans for their platform and token. Investing in blockchain based tokens and products can be rewarding but also risky. Therefore, before you take part in token sales we advise you to research and investigate the given options and possible outcomes.

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