Strim, found online at, provides on-demand peer-to-peer video streaming. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Strim?

Strim is a video streaming and sensor mining platform. The team’s crowdsale starts on October 5.

With the Strim network, you can see the world through the lens of any IoT device. You can access sensor data from IoT devices around the world. You can access cameras on IoT devices or monitor temperature data.

Today, IoT devices are all around us. Many of these devices have highly-precise sensors. These devices are also connected to the internet. However, we don’t have a good way of sharing this data with the world. Strim aims to allow IoT device users to profit from sharing data while giving individuals better access to sensor data.

The ecosystem revolves around STR tokens. People can pay to receive a live video stream from a certain IoT device. Say, if you wanted to see how bad traffic is on a busy freeway, someone might set up a webcam from their balcony and sell that video stream to the Strim network. You pay a small number of STR tokens to access that video stream before you go to work.

Strim will be available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux in the near future.

How Does Strim Work?

Strim is a decentralized network built on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform incentivizes users to share data by rewarding them with STR tokens. These tokens can be used to retrieve data from around the world.

The initial goal of Strim is to facilitate location-based peer-to-peer video streaming, allowing users to broadcast using their webcams, phones, or other cameras connected to the internet. This allows users to view real-time video from various locations around the world in real-time.

The second phase of Strim’s development will expand to cover specialized sensors. Those sensors include air quality, temperature, humidity, all-in-one weather stations, radioactivity sensors, microphones, parking spot sensors, and more. That data will eventually be used to create dynamic maps, leading to real-time weather information, city noise pollution data, or a list of available parking spots in your area.

Strim will run natively on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. There will also be a browser-based version for faster user adoption.

In the long-term, Strim may partner with online TV channels, radio stations, and musical festivals or sporting events around the world. These events could access additional monetization options by streaming their data across the internet.

Strim Features

Strim offers all of the following features:

  • On-demand live peer-to-peer video streaming based on GPS location
  • Sensor mining for any of the available sensors of the mining devices
  • Dynamic live maps containing sensor data, which can be used to highlight city pollution or to find an available parking spot, among other uses
  • The ability to host video streams on the user’s environment or in a cloud-hosted environment
  • Autonomous devices can provide video and sensor data from remote locations based on a scheduled request – say, if a scientist sets up a video camera in a remote jungle
  • Decentralized, and no user data is ever stored in a centralized location

The Strim Crowdsale

The crowdfunding process for the Strim network will use Ethereum smart contracts. The ICO starts at 10pm UK time on October 5.

The team aims to raise a minimum of $1 million USD through the crowdsale, although they’re hoping to raise $35 million to achieve all of their development goals.

There will be a maximum forecasted total of 279,544,500 STR tokens minted during the ICO, of which 66.6% (186,363,000) tokens will be available to the public at launch. Any remaining tokens are distributed to the development team (21% of the total supply) or to the sensor mining user-growth pool (12%).

STR tokens will be used for payments between buyers and sellers. They’ll also be used to compensate streamers for delivering video and sensor data to the platform.

Who’s Behind Strim?

Strim is led by co-founder and backend developer Mihai Ciocan, co-founder and frontend developer Radu Alexandru Gina, co-founder and CFO Andrei Dianu, and co-founder and CEO Radu Nicolae.

The team has experience in software, cloud computing, and networking. The eventual development and administration team is expected to consist of about 20 people.

Strim is headquartered in Bucharest, Romania.

Strim Conclusion

Strim aims to create a decentralized network of video feeds from around the world. By tapping into smart devices, smartphones, and other IoT devices, Strim can incentivize users to share video feeds in exchange for STR tokens. The eventual goal is to sell all types of smart device data over the Strim network – including video feeds and sensor data.

To learn more about Strim, or to participate in the ICO, visit the company online today at

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