strong express investment

Strong Express Investment, found online at, claims to be a powerful investment opportunity. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Strong Express Investment?

Strong Express Investment is some type of investment scheme that launched online on September 12. The company claims to have already attracted $1600+ in funds from a total of 70 investors.

The website features little information about the fund or how it works. The investment opportunity seems to have been created by a Russia-based team of developers. However, the company claims to be based in the UK, and it also claims to have been founded in 1999.

Ultimately, Strong Express Investment has all of the signs of an investment scam. The company promises to give you big bitcoin returns with no work required. You just give the company money, and they’ll magically turn that into more money. Let’s take a closer look at how Strong Express Investment works to decide whether or not it’s a scam.

How Does Strong Express Investment Work?

Strong Express Investment requires you to make a minimum investment of $20. The maximum investment is $10,000.

You sign up for the company, then invest in one of three different accounts, including Midi, Mini, and Maxi.

Mini: Pays 10% ROI after 15 days

Midi: Pays 50% ROI after 50 days

Maxi: Pays 100% ROI after 50 days

Strong Express Investment’s plans don’t offer the same ridiculously high returns we’ve seen with other investment schemes – like high yield investment programs or HYIPs. Nevertheless, it’s rare to find someone who’s willing to pay you 100% interest in exchange for borrowing your money for 50 days. If you do that 7 times a year, then you can turn a $1,000 investment into $128,000 in just 350 days.

When someone claims to turn your $1000 investment into $128,000 in less than a year, you can be 100% certain that you’re being scammed. There’s no way to guarantee returns like that.

Ultimately, we have to assume that Strong Express Investment functions like other Ponzi schemes and HYIP scams we’ve seen online in recent months: the company accepts deposits from customers, then continues operating until it collects enough money, at which point it shuts down and takes everyone’s money. We have no reason to assume that Strong Express Investment is a legitimate investment.

Who’s Behind Strong Express Investment?

The Strong Express Investment website appears to be brand new. It just launched on September 12. However, the company’s “About” page tells a fanciful story of how the company was founded in the UK in 1999 and is “currently one of the largest and most professional transport organizations involved in international transportation.” The website claims that they play a major role in the vehicle, railway, naval, and aviation transport industries.

Unfortunately, the company never mentions who’s running the company, or gives us any contact information aside from an email address ([email protected]). So this appears to be completely fabricated.

When someone is asking you to send money, but refuses to disclose any information about themselves, that’s a huge red flag you’re being scammed.

Conclusion: Is Strong Express Investment a Scam?

Strong Express Investment appears to be some type of high yield investment program (HYIP) based scam that convinces you to deposit money with the hopes of gaining 50% to 100% ROIs in just 50 days. There’s no evidence that the company has ever paid anyone, and the company appears to generate all of its income from new memberships – which makes it a pyramid scheme and not a legitimate business.

For all of these reasons, you should avoid any dealings with Strong Express Investment. There’s no evidence that it’s a legitimate investment opportunity, and all signs point to it being a blatant scam.

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