The universe is made up of beautiful discoveries and with scientific explorations, there is always something new to talk about. Take for instance stars, they never cease to amaze us with their beauty and although some scientists have names ready for them, it’s time they get more beautiful names in relation to our immediate environment, for better relations. And that’s where STRZ comes to help.

What’s STRZ?

STRZ is a one of a kind digital crypto-collectible that makes use of cataloged stars as part of its tokens. The idea is to connect the natural permanent creations from the universe to come up with desirable objects for the blockchain technology. STRZ comes as a way to help people explore the unique world of Cryptocurrency to ready them for the crypto and blockchain dominated world in the future.

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What Are The Features Of STRZ?

The developers of the STRZ plan to come up with the following tools to help its users gain a better Cryptocurrency and blockchain venture;

There is also be a Star following option to assist users cross-exam into their star’s characteristics and an STRZ store for items and gifts.

How Does STRZ Function?

Interested parties get the opportunity to purchase the STRZ tokens that would give them access to a unique entity of stars. Each token has a direct linking to a specific star, with one STRZ token release for each of the unknown cataloged stars. Token holders will then automatically become STRZ crypto-collectibles owners and would have the chance to connect with other members through the Facebook site, where they get to interact and share information.

Also, the STRZ smart contract marketplace will allow star collectors to exchange their tokens at a price set by the community of star owners and buyers. Since each star is unique, what differentiates them is the various characteristics they possess, with those with detailed scientific classification becoming premium/Gold stars. The Alpha name stars are the most valued Diamond stars. Acceptable currencies for purchases would include ETH, BTC, and USD.

Sales Information

The token sales event of 119,614 stars is currently underway through private sales. There is a special introductory price of 0.04 ETH. However, buyers would have to create an Ethereum wallet to send the Cryptocurrency and buy the STRZ tokens.

Information on the white paper reveals that;

  • 21st April 2018-Minting of the STRZ- 500 Silver,2 Gold,1 diamon
  • The opening of the STRZ marketplace and examining of star data
  • 1st May 2018-Minting 1,000 Silver, 10 Gold, 2 Diamond
  • 15th May 2018-Minting 5,000 Silver,10 Gold, 2 Diamond
  • 20th May 2018- Adding of an interactive map to locate stars in the sky.

STRZ Conclusion -To Invest Or Not?

The world of Cryptocurrency is quickly growing and it gets better with the introduction of crypto-collectibles such as the STRZ stars. However, there isn’t sufficient information on the website regarding the entire token sale event, that could guide you make a substantial decision. It feels like blindly getting into a business venture with little expectations. Therefore, we urge you to exercise caution.

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