The problem of overly high booking fees for events has become quite a pain point in the business of events. What Stubba offers is a salvation from such booking fees and high merchant fees for the consumer and event holder respectively. Stubba offers event holders and customers a rigor free ticketing experience exempt of commission based booking fees.

It eliminates the high merchant fees for the event holders and the ticket fees for the consumers Event holders only have to pay a meagre monthly fee on Stubba to host their events while the consumers enjoy the perks of no booking fees whatsoever. Stubba also offers an application with which tickets to events can be purchased seamlessly, instantly and securely, with just one click; the Stubba App. This application is available for download on Android and iOS. All these are done on a decentralized and very safe blockchain technology with hopes of achieving high standards in eliminating the invasions of privacy which most ticketing platforms are prone to.

With the use of stub coins, users buy and sell tickets seamlessly and safely on the Stubba platform with no fees charged. Hence, Stubba becomes the world's first commission free ticketing platform.

Benefits Of Using Stubba

Stubba offers magnificent benefits to both event holders and the consumers. With Stubba event holders get to sell off their tickets easily by launching and customizing their events using the Stubba online box office which is smooth, easy to understand and instant. These ticket sales can be tracked using the Stubba dashboard.

Creating events has never been easier using the Stubba event management app, which allows you to customize your tickets as you deem fit. You can add prices, event types and all event details you wish to add, you can also add real life images to your events which would be viewed on the discovery section of the Stubba application and also your web pages and e-tickets.

Stubba Initial Coin Offering

The Stubba ICO began on January 13, 2018 at 12:00 PM (UTC), and would end on February 28, 2018 at 12:00 PM (UTC). The acceptable platform is Ethereum and the token name is stub token. Stub tokens are based on the Ethereum (ERC 20) standard and are valued at 1.50 USD, while 1 ETH is equivalent to 200 STUB.

The Stubba core platform would be released in March, fully functional, allowing all event holders and consumers to sell and purchase tickets at any location in the world, while the stub currency would be released in March.

The Stubba Team

The Stubba team comprises of trusted specialists who are committed to producing nothing but the best and first ever commission free ticketing platform. They are;

  • James Steffens : Founder
  • Michael Healy : Chief Technical Officer
  • Amod Shinde : Developer
  • Ella Meaco : Public Relations
  • Mamesh Naik : Social media marketing
  • Rayner Prazeres : Designer
  • Albrito Marques : Developer
  • Gavin Mascarenhas : Senior Designers

Stubba's vision for a commission free ticketing platform is not simply a vision made for the Stubba team, but for the world at large considering that most event holders have in one way or the other been affected by third party payment processing platforms

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