What Is StudUP?

StudUp is the world’s first educational blockchain project, which tokenizes the knowledge of students and graduates of all universities around the world. It is often difficult for a young person to express his or her professional knowledge without having some sufficient work experience. In today’s job market, many employers conclude that a university degree is not a measure of specialist competence.

Against this backdrop, StudUp comes with a solution. The platform seeks to create a system of expert assessment of knowledge (they call it StudRate) for students and university graduates on the blockchain according to the requirements of employers. Participants who successfully pass the assignment, together with their teachers and universities will receive rewards in the form of StudCoin token and get a position in the rating.

How StudUP Educational Blockchain Token Project Works

The platform is open for any graduate of any university across the globe to undergo the annual expert assessment of knowledge through StudRate, based on their specialization. Reputable employers and experts will compile questions for testing and based on the results of the evaluation, the participants receive a rating score. Those who score more than 60 points are rewarded with StudCoin tokens. Besides, each score higher than 60 earns the participant more points than the previous one.

Once issued, the results of the StudRate assessment remain on the blockchain permanently, to reflect the growth of a person’s knowledge between 17 and 30 years. Employers can access this information and pay for the access to data using the StudCoin tokens, which they can buy from participants in the StudRate.

Organizations interested in the project will also have the chance to buy tokens and thereby stimulate the development of education in specific sectors, regions, and educational institutions. The blockchain will have records about the rating of teachers as well as universities based on the assessment of the participants of StudRate.

StudUP Target Audience

According to its Founder Viktor Shyian,

“Knowledge is the main capital for a specialist. Project StudUp was created in order to motivate young people to get as much knowledge as possible and become professionals in their favorite businesses. Our goal is to create a reliable system for assessing the knowledge of young people that employers all over the world will trust.”

The following is a diversified target audience of StudUp.

  • Students and graduates of universities: Participants, who successfully pass the StudRate assessment, their teachers, and universities, will receive StudCoin tokens. The tokens are available from the internal platform services.
  • Human resource departments: Employers will get the opportunity to buy StudCoin tokens and gain access to the StudRate rating. This will enable them to find competent staff.
  • Sponsors: Sponsors may help in the organization of the project framework of social responsibility.
  • States and universities: States and universities will be able to further encourage their best students with tokens of StudCoin. This will motivate them to learn even better.

StudUP First Testing

The project intends to conduct the first experimental expert assessment of StudRate knowledge on March 2, 2019. Students and graduates of universities below thirty years in the specialty “Advertising and PR” will be the first to participate in the assessment. Areas of specialization will include Marketing, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Copywriting, and Public Relations.

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