What Is Stylocoin?

Stylocoin is a blockchain-based standard payment solution that aims at creating a unifying factor in the online shopping sector and utility bills transactions. The payment platform is motivated by the need to offer individuals and organizations a stable and secure payment arrangement for a convenient web-based shopping experience.

The Stylocoin token will help deal with reasonable rates and transactions from where the users can gain an added advantage of utilizing blockchain technology for transacting. Additionally, those in need of paying service bills can also use Stylocoin (token) as a markdown option for the payments. The Stylocoin (token) will help increase the rebate offer by allowing for simple loading or purchasing of the coin for excellent shopping and service payments bills

Stylocoin Online Shopping Blockchain Coin Features

  • Stylocoin payment portal- Stylocoin will incorporate a payment framework in the online shopping sites to offer payment alternatives to the clients and vendors. The site owners can customize the Stylocoin payment portal to fit the capacity of their business
  • Stylocoin wallet- users will get their very own Stylocoin wallet and account based on WAVES, from where they can make and receive payments while storing the Stylocoin

Stylocoin Benefits

    • Get to pay your bills through blockchain as it provides for an easy-to-use payment service for utility or general bills depending on the company in question
    • Shop online and in-store using rebates and promo codes that will accommodate different products ranging from household items, shoes to clothing
    • No limits on the maximum purchase compared to using the traditional payment methods. All payments will be in Stylocoin regardless of the amount
    • Secure transactions- by using blockchain technology, Stylocoin assures the safety of the fees and the identity of the shopper and service consumer
    • Seamless payments- unlike the frequent downtime with the shopping payment services, Stylocoin provide for an instant settlement and delivery service for convenience

Stylocoin STYLO Token & ICO Details

Private ICO Pre-Sale

Occurs from May 1-10th, 2018 and features a minimum contribution of 1 ETH as an individual cap. The price stands at $0.35 for each Stylocoin.

Public Pre-Sale

The Public pre-ICO starts off from May 10th-25th, 2018 with a 50% bonus on the minimum contribution amount.

Phase 3

Begins on June 10th-24th, 2018 and carries a 15% bonus on the individual cap of 1 ETH or Waves. From June 24th till July 1, 2018, will have a sale event with a 10%, with the last sale scheduled for July 1- 8, 2018 at a 5% bonus.

  • Token- Stylocoin
  • Platform- Waves
  • Accepts- ETH and Waves
  • Price rate- 1 Stylocoin= 0.35 USD
  • Token supply- 20,000 000
  • Hard Cap- $ 600,000
  • Soft Cap-$ 20,000

Token Distribution

  • Stylocoin Team- 10%
  • Advisors- 1.5%
  • Referral program- 3.5%
  • Reserve- 15%
  • Public Crowd Sale

Stylocoin Conclusion

It is evident that our existing e-commerce sites and services are facing challenges ranging from security breaches to misconduct by the payment services. Stylocoin seems to be aiming to solve these challenges and potentially we may no longer have to be hostages to credit cards that often charge exorbitant fees. While it may seem possible, the major problem comes in getting the relevant participants to use Stylocoin since the shopping and utility industry needs a co-operative association to achieve the necessary experience for the user.

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