Subutai ICO

With the way in which blockchain technology has been evolving in recent months, the global digital economy seems to be slowly moving towards an IoT business model for facilitating everyday transactions.

Subutai can be envisioned as a next generation “peer-to-peer (P2P) cloud computing and Internet of Things” platform. To be more specific, we can see that this system makes use of peers who have the ability to not only collaborate with one another, but also share digital resources so as to create secure virtual environments.

What Are Some of the Key Features of Subutai?

(i) Resource Optimization:

Through the use of a special service module called Snap, this platform is able to seamlessly ship resources amongst network participants.

(ii) Live Data Tracking:

Since Subutai is a cloud based service, it can be challenging to monitor complex data sets in real-time. However, through the use of a specially devised channel protocol, this platform provides its users with a way to stay up-to-date with relevant system information.

(iii) Compatibility:

The system comes with an LXC— Linux module that enhances and promotes platform interoperability.

(iv) Decentralized:

As mentioned earlier, Subutai is based on a unique peer-to-peer cloud environment that can be used to connect two or more data containers effortlessly.

Other Key Aspects of Subutai

(i) Easy to Use:

To enhance the overall functionality of this system, Subutai comes with a control interface that is not only convenient to use but can also be accessed from a wide range of digital devices.

(ii) Third Party Integration:

Through the use of an E2E plugin, the platform can be automatically embedded onto our native internet browsers— thereby making it easier for us to authenticate and execute internal transactions.

(iii) Prebuilt Marketplace:

Another overlooked aspect of Subutai is that it comes with a well established central marketplace where users can buy, sell, or utilize their resources.

(iv) For Everyone:

The system does not come in separate home and enterprise software editions. It can be used by individuals and large-scale businesses alike.

(v) Secure:

In order to protect our hardware, the platform makes use of security protocols such as:

  • TPM
  • HSM

What is Khan?

Khan is the native currency that will be used to facilitate all of Subutai’s internal transactions. It is an Ethereum based token that can be used all across the platforms different service modules (for a variety of purposes).

In addition to this, Khan can also be traded for other virtual currencies and be used by merchants who make use of OptDyn based transaction platforms.

Lastly, Khan can be employed for initiating Service Level Agreements (SLA) via Smart Contracts.

How Do I Get Onboard?

To install Subutai Virtual Machine, users need to go the website and follow the instructions that have been outlined there. Additionally, the website also provides us with links to buy native currency coins as well as other useful details.

For any other queries or doubts in relation to Subutai, users can get in touch with company officials via Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Slack.

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