SuccessLife Tokens (SLTs) are payment solutions specially made for personal, education, and professional development industries. The token is a brainchild of Success Resources group of companies, which was established 25 years ago. Over the years, Success Resources group of companies has organized numerous workshops and seminars in over 30 counties, holding over 10 million attendants. Therefore, the token will be launched to an already existing customer base composed of people with common interests and an existing relationship with the brand.

What Is SuccessLife ICO?

The platform seeks to promote hassle-free payments in the learning sector by using the SuccessLife ecosystem. The ecosystem will focus on expanding the adoption of tokens by more users; it will also concentrate on making an active platform made up of customers, content providers, and third party vendors who use the token as a means of payment.

The SLT tokens will operate on the public multichain blockchain, which is used in tracking the ownership of digital tokens or assets. The token can be used to purchase digital content such as personal, professional development, and educational content. SLT is used as the accepted payment method for digital services on the platform. Token holders can also use the tokens to purchase tickets for workshops and seminars organized by the platform. Using the SLT tokens will allow the token holders to access certain categories of tickets that they cannot access using other means of payment.

Embracing Artificial Intelligence

The token will integrate the use of Artificial Intelligence that will assist in conducting various functions such as payment processing, profiling, subscription management, and many more. The token can also integrate big data, which is advantageous in Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise resource planning, service providing, and stores management.

Once a user purchases the tokens, they will be transferred to their wallet address, which will be created for the user in the SuccessLife Vault. The tokens will be transferred to a user’s wallet two weeks after the Public Sale closes. In the future, token holders will be able to transfer their tokens to a secure hardware cold wallet.

The platform has a NewTycoon Plus feature, which is a business that undertakes leasing of mining power to its subscribers, and uses the SLT token as a way to incentivize its third party partners.

Advantages SuccessLife And Their Token

Faster Transactions

Using the tokens as a means of payment will warrant faster transactions due to the multichain blockchain integrated into the token. Multichain technology is able to process over 2,000 transactions per second while ETH can only process an average 400 per second, thus improving the overall customer experience.


The platform has hired external organizations to conduct penetration testing in order to ensure that the token is as secure as possible for transactions.


Token holders will receive numerous benefits such as discounts, reward programs, backstage passes, exclusive ticket classes, cross-border fees, secure transactions and many more. Users can also earn rewards by referring new users to the platform.

Lower Transaction Fees

Multichain technology used for the tokens leads to lower transaction fees compared to other transaction methods such as ETH.

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