The world is in an era of great decentralization and tokenization. Cryptocurrencies are making transactions much easier, faster, and cheaper all over the world, and smart contracts are expanding the horizons of these advantages and conveniences. Suite Autonomy is an application platform that is leveraging the full benefits of smart contracts.

What Is Suite Autonomy ETH Trading Escrow Platform?

There is almost no limit to what you can do on the Suite Autonomy platform. Whether you want to borrow or lend, hire or freelance for work, or trade, this platform has you covered. It is an application platform that uses smart contract technology to operate on ethereum’s blockchain. In it there are all sorts of applications – also built using smart contract technology – that are designed to enable individuals conduct all kinds of businesses.

The applications on the Suite Autonomy platform are designed for the end user. This means that they are simple to use even with little or no knowledge of coding. They are presented in an intuitive platform that is easy to navigate and quick to master.

Suite Autonomy Overcoming Common Hurdles

As mentioned, one of the ways you can use Suite Anatomy is by lending or borrowing money. So, consider a scenario whereby you need to lend money to a friend using conventional channels such as escrow. Suppose you wish to lend $100 and set an interest rate at 5%. Escrow will also be seeking to earn, and will likely set an equal or higher interest rate. In this case, you may just break even or even incur a loss. Besides, your friend will likely be put off by the combined interest rates, hence making lending inconveniencing.

Suite Anatomy will facilitate the transaction of funds between any two people without charges. Transactions are quick and secure, and you get to set your own terms without interference. This is just one of the ways in which this platform is seeking to take on centralized systems as well as upcoming biased decentralized systems that are taking advantage of unsuspecting users.

Suite Autonomy Security Guaranteed

With such convenience on offer, one has to wonder just how secure such a comprehensive platform is. To guarantee security, Suite Anatomy is designed using electron wallet security protocol. It is built on a combination of these protocols as well as smart contract technology.

This platform is also more secure since it is an application, as opposed to a website. Websites are easily prone to attacks and intrusion, not to mention inconveniences associated with speed and other important factors. To this end, the platform is always up and running. Finally, users are also guaranteed of their privacy as all communications and transactions are encrypted.

Suite Autonomy RICO Token ICO Details

Suite Anatomy is more than just a decentralized platform – it is an entity that is represented and backed by the RICO token. The token functions as a cryptocurrency that is viable for transactions and it is also proof of ownership of shares of the platform. Each token earns dividends gained from transactions, which are paid out after every 15 days. Suite Autonomy's ICO is live now and you can invest using Ethereum.

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