Sun Mining

Sun Mining is a cloud-based cryptocurrency mining service. Find out how it works today in our Sun Mining review.

What Is Sun Mining?

Found online at, Sun Mining is a cloud mining platform that lets you buy hashrate power to mine different cryptocurrencies – including bitcoin, DASH, Ethereum, and others.

The platform, like most cloud mining platforms, is catered towards people who want to enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrency mining – like a steady income stream and immediate profits – without the downsides of mining – like the costs of maintenance, setup, and running the mining operation.

Sun Mining’s mining contracts are valid for 36 months. The company claims to use the best miners from Bitmain, Bitfury, and other leading equipment providers.

The name of the company, by the way, was chosen for a reason: the company claims that all of its computing capacity is powered by solar energy.

Sun Mining claims to be based in Sydney, Australia on its official website – although as you’ll learn below, the company appears to be led by a Russia-based team, and it’s unclear where the actual mining facility is located.

Sun Mining Pricing

Sun Mining’s main subscription plans have a fixed hashrate and a fixed price. The “Easy” bitcoin mining plan, for example, gives you 1,000 GH/s in exchange for a $172 payment today. That $172 gives you access to that hashrate for a 3 year period. The company claims you can expect to make $35.20 per month on that subscription – although obviously, profits vary widely depending on market conditions.

If you want to customize your hashrate, then Sun Mining lets you do that as well. Sun Mining lets you choose a hashrate between 100 GH/s (on the lowest end) and 300,000 GH/s (on the highest end).

Bitcoin Plans

  • Ultra Light: 100 GH/s / $18 / 3 Year Contract
  • Easy: 1,000 GH/s / $172 / 3 Year Contract
  • Relax: 10,000 GH/s / $1650 / 3 Year Contract
  • Sale: 60,000 GH/s / $6930 / 3 Year Contract

Ethereum Plans

  • Ultra Light: 1 MH/s / $20 / 2 Year Contract
  • Easy: 10 MH/s / $200 / 2 Year Contract
  • Relax: 100 MH/s / $2,000 / 2 Year Contract
  • Sale: 500 MH/s / $7,000 / 2 Year Contract

Dash Plans

  • Ultra Light: 5 MH/s / $23 / 2 Year Contract
  • Easy: 50 MH/s / $230 / 2 Year Contract
  • Relax: 500 MH/s / $2250 / 2 Year Contract
  • Sale: 2500 MH/s / $7175 / 2 Year Contract

Litecoin Plans

  • Ultra Light: 2,000 KH/s / $24 / 2 Year Contract
  • Easy: 20,000 KH/s / $240 / 2 Year Contract
  • Relax: 200,000 KH/s / $2,400 / 2 Year Contract
  • Sale: 1,000,000 KH/s / $7,000 / 2 Year Contract

Your contract includes all of the costs. Sun Mining is also open and upfront about the profit you can expect to earn from each contract. The lowest plans might earn you just $1 to $5 in expected profit for month, for example, while the highest plans can earn over $1500 per month (or more, if you order one of the customized higher hashrate plans).

Sun Mining Features

What makes Sun Mining different from other cloud mining providers? Here are some of the features and benefits outlined on the official website:


Sun Mining promises to offer the best prices in the cryptocurrency industry, and claims its packages are about 25% cheaper than competitors’ plans, on average.


Sun Mining designed its mining operation specifically to combat claims from environmentalists that cryptocurrencies are bad for the environment. Sun Mining’s operation is powered entirely by solar energy.

No Maintenance Required From The Customer:

If you run your own mining operation, you’re responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the rigs. Sun Mining, like other cloud mining providers, takes a cut of the profits in exchange for maintaining its own rigs.


Sun Mining’s energy supply is based on its own solar energy. It doesn’t depend on a city network or any other third party energy provider.

Begin Mining Immediately:

After you purchase your payment plan, you can begin mining immediately. You don’t need to wait for parts to be delivered to your home.

About Sun Mining

Sun Mining lists its location as the following address in Sydney:

1 Farrer Place
Sydney, NSW 2000

That’s the address for the Governor Philip Tower, located in Sydney’s CBD. A quick look at that building’s website reveals that you can purchase a business address or a virtual office from that building for as little as $100 AUD. Since Sun Mining doesn’t provide a suite number or any further address information, it seems unlikely that they are actually located in downtown Sydney.

Complicating things further is that many of the Sun Mining social media pages, including their Twitter profile, are written in Russian.

Regardless, the company is relatively new. The domain was registered in July 2017.

Ultimately, Sun Mining lists a Sydney address on its official website – although it seems more likely the company is led by a Russia-based team. The team provides no further information about themselves or its qualifications.

Sun Mining Conclusion

Sun Mining could be a legitimate solar-powered cloud mining company. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t provide complete transparency about its operations or its facilities. They list an address in Sydney, Australia on their homepage – although that address doesn’t appear to be legitimate.

The cryptocurrency cloud mining industry is filled with problematic companies and scams. Sun Mining may be a legitimate cloud mining provider. However, you may want to wait for more information about the company to appear online before you send money to the company for one of its mining plans.


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  1. I’m invested into sun mining and the payouts are great, it works and it’s a legit cloud mining website, i was a little skeptical at first, but i said why not, just like i did with genesis mining, and would you look at that they actually pay out.
    The only thing that i’m kind of iffy about is the 60TH plan, because it’s priced at about $7000, when that same plan at genesis would cost $9000.
    They give a 30% discount if you buy 60TH or more.
    I recommend this cloud mining service, so far so good, and has not let me down.

  2. To scammy looking to me. I am passing but I LOVE the idea of solar since the overhead for mining is alot about electric. Even Burnie Madoff had great pay outs for 20+ years.. doesn’t really mean they are mining. But at the same time if you put $20 and get a return for years and years… does it really matter if they are really mining?

  3. Hello, I have not mined with this company as of yet still getting my funds together to do so; however, the advantages that I see between this mining company and Genesis Mining and one post is correct advising there is a consensus at the 60,000 G/h level costing $9000.00 but don’t forget that with Genesis that is only for two years vs three years with Sun Mining so it is a longer contract and between the two is cheaper. Would love to see more posts coming from cm’s who use sun mining but at least one posts confirms they are legit and furthermore they are in a 1st world country and I am sure if they were a scam the outcry from the public alone would shut them down. Can’t imagine why a company or anyone would invest huge amounts of capital only to watch their investment go up in smoke. Appears legit to me from my perspective.

    • I represent a group of investors , we have been over the contract , support response is ok , we do like to get faster support from them. Also they receive paiment every 24 hours in their wallets. What else to say , they have invest in totla near 600 000 gH/s + lets see how it turns .

  4. I am using this company too. I have been reinvesting my payouts and havent pulled money out yet. Hope to find out more about them. Hope it is ligit.

  5. Payments are every 24 hours but dont know what time they send it. Im looking to know. If you buy the discounted plan this is pre order plans that will be activated on January 13th. Since a payout is not sent till you make .01 bitcoin…. some of the posts here are inflammatory, a 10Thrz or 10000 ghrz plan will pay out roughly every 10 days. In a nutshell .01 bitcoin is roughly 1% of a bitcoin at the current price about 95 dollars USA.
    I have invested quite a bit in them for the presale. They have been nothing but professional. The system is fully computerized and invoices, contracts, order emails, and feedback are all very good. Im taking a risk but will know more mid January. This is one of the only bitcoin cloudmining solutions that actually has hashrate left. Most of the others dont, even Genisys mining is preselling for March. So good feedback is requested, they are a scam is not feedback. Why are they a scam? Have they not paid you? Did you invest anything?

  6. I guess. It makes them a little lazy not fraud. They activated my order after 5 days and many e-mails later. But during that time no one cared to answer. Still don’t know for sure because i haven’t cashed anything yet. Hope they are fine.

  7. I purchased 2 THz from here, getting 37,000 satoshi everyday. So after 22-23 days I will hopefully have 0.01 btc (the minimum withdraw back level). I will let you know if I can withdraw or not

  8. sun-mining is a fraud…. sent money thru coinbase..transaction confirmed. but no response to several emails over the past week. its a SCAM.. SCAM .. SCAM…

  9. My serious concern before investing any $$$ is 2FA. There is no option for setting up your profile with security, to me that screams scam…

  10. For the moment I have nothing to say bad. They received btc I sent, contract is going on, I earn money, and they answered quickly when I sent e-mail to the support.

    General critics are due to misunderstanding from users they forget that payout is done only with a minimum balance of 0.01 BTC, or they forget that if their contract doesn’t start is because they didn’t calculate correctly the amount to send in BTC (fees from blockchain including), their system activate mining only after receiving the exact amount within 24 hours.

  11. I invested with them a month ago and o must say their support system is very poor. I left the BTC with them for a while and provided them with my wallet address they claim that payment was done to my wallet and it’s been almost a week now and I’m still waiting, I’ve been sending them emails daily and no one seems to care enough to reply or assist.

  12. I have left several questions on their website or email. But no one reply me over a week. And I am confirm that the address is fake as no company called sun-mining in that building.

  13. Notice sunmining google ad in middle july. Never sign up because when looked up domain name it was under a ukrainian name. Now it is changed to private. In august friend sign up and lost 0.4 BTC now worth 6800.

  14. I’m really not sure about this company,
    but my guts tell me, they are not a good company, not sure if it is a scam or not,
    but i did send them 3 times emails and also from their feedback form on their website,
    and they weren’t response so far. I also see when u try to reset the password it is written in Russian
    Also checking on the traffic their website coming from, and 3% from it comes from Azerbaijan – very strange.One more thing, i was trying to deposit money and it went out of my wallet but didn’t went to my account, I still didn’t get paid and I invest 20,000 GHS and I’m everyday quite worry, again not sure if it is a scam, but for sure very pure support, so its not good, I will not suggest to go with them for now.

  15. I bought a small contract for testing to see how it works..300 GH/s on sunday..i was a little worry as there was no news i got my first payment on my personal account
    Hope everything goes well..planning to buy more capacity

    • careful my friend. That’s what happened to me. They DO pay but when you buy larger capacities you wont hear from them. Read my post.

  16. I first bought 0.00462299 worth of BTC ($167) and I was generating very small amount of return and it was gonna take forever to hit the 0.01 so I bought 0.23366801 ($1,100) and I started hitting the 0.01 every three days. I really liked the fact that I was actually getting what they said and I decided to buy the $3,300 capacity and that’s when trouble started. The order stayed in pending status for about three days and then it disappeared. My capacity was never updated and that transaction was on December 2nd. I have to say that I’m still receiving payments from the 11,300GH/s that I originally bought. But in the mean time I have lost $3,300. So for now I call them SCAM unless somehow the capacity that I bought becomes active which I doubt.

  17. I need help!!!!!!!!! send payment of $172 but they have not activated the contract and it still saying that contract hasn’t been payed.been trying to contact them and they haven’t respond.. I can i fix it?

  18. Yeah i would be very Wherry of them, cost of setting up such Solar in Australia would be crazy no fees etc
    Ill stick with Hashflare it still has hash power


    Read their FAQ. They tell you in FAQ to buy small contract first to convince you and after to buy big contract, but after sending a large amount of bitcoin for new contract nothing happen. That’s it. Don’t play with your money. More than one could have experimented this. Forget this company if not just because of their poor support. Avoid problems and say goodbye to Sun-mining !

  20. Hi Guys
    Basically their payment system is very poor
    They literally need to refresh the payment system in order your payment to get through
    I strongly recommend after 24hrs do send an email to them. So far the big question is.. are they paying out ? So far did anyone managed to get any payouts ?

    Support of SUN MINING
    Thu 12/14/2017, 5:21 AM

    The system has refreshed, your capacity in operation.
    Do you have any more questions?

    Sun Mining

  21. I have a question. Yesterday I made a purchase of power and the payments do not work in MY POWERS: State, I appear “suspended until” and the button to reactivate does not work.

    Do you know what happens?

    I never deactivate my account and now what happens with the day that did not work?

    Thank You.


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