Sun Mining

Sun Mining is a cloud-based cryptocurrency mining service. Find out how it works today in our Sun Mining review.

What Is Sun Mining?

Found online at, Sun Mining is a cloud mining platform that lets you buy hashrate power to mine different cryptocurrencies – including bitcoin, DASH, Ethereum, and others.

The platform, like most cloud mining platforms, is catered towards people who want to enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrency mining – like a steady income stream and immediate profits – without the downsides of mining – like the costs of maintenance, setup, and running the mining operation.

Sun Mining’s mining contracts are valid for 36 months. The company claims to use the best miners from Bitmain, Bitfury, and other leading equipment providers.

The name of the company, by the way, was chosen for a reason: the company claims that all of its computing capacity is powered by solar energy.

Sun Mining claims to be based in Sydney, Australia on its official website – although as you’ll learn below, the company appears to be led by a Russia-based team, and it’s unclear where the actual mining facility is located.

Sun Mining Pricing

Sun Mining’s main subscription plans have a fixed hashrate and a fixed price. The “Easy” bitcoin mining plan, for example, gives you 1,000 GH/s in exchange for a $172 payment today. That $172 gives you access to that hashrate for a 3 year period. The company claims you can expect to make $35.20 per month on that subscription – although obviously, profits vary widely depending on market conditions.

If you want to customize your hashrate, then Sun Mining lets you do that as well. Sun Mining lets you choose a hashrate between 100 GH/s (on the lowest end) and 300,000 GH/s (on the highest end).

Bitcoin Plans

  • Ultra Light: 100 GH/s / $18 / 3 Year Contract
  • Easy: 1,000 GH/s / $172 / 3 Year Contract
  • Relax: 10,000 GH/s / $1650 / 3 Year Contract
  • Sale: 60,000 GH/s / $6930 / 3 Year Contract

Ethereum Plans

  • Ultra Light: 1 MH/s / $20 / 2 Year Contract
  • Easy: 10 MH/s / $200 / 2 Year Contract
  • Relax: 100 MH/s / $2,000 / 2 Year Contract
  • Sale: 500 MH/s / $7,000 / 2 Year Contract

Dash Plans

  • Ultra Light: 5 MH/s / $23 / 2 Year Contract
  • Easy: 50 MH/s / $230 / 2 Year Contract
  • Relax: 500 MH/s / $2250 / 2 Year Contract
  • Sale: 2500 MH/s / $7175 / 2 Year Contract

Litecoin Plans

  • Ultra Light: 2,000 KH/s / $24 / 2 Year Contract
  • Easy: 20,000 KH/s / $240 / 2 Year Contract
  • Relax: 200,000 KH/s / $2,400 / 2 Year Contract
  • Sale: 1,000,000 KH/s / $7,000 / 2 Year Contract

Your contract includes all of the costs. Sun Mining is also open and upfront about the profit you can expect to earn from each contract. The lowest plans might earn you just $1 to $5 in expected profit for month, for example, while the highest plans can earn over $1500 per month (or more, if you order one of the customized higher hashrate plans).

Sun Mining Features

What makes Sun Mining different from other cloud mining providers? Here are some of the features and benefits outlined on the official website:


Sun Mining promises to offer the best prices in the cryptocurrency industry, and claims its packages are about 25% cheaper than competitors’ plans, on average.


Sun Mining designed its mining operation specifically to combat claims from environmentalists that cryptocurrencies are bad for the environment. Sun Mining’s operation is powered entirely by solar energy.

No Maintenance Required From The Customer:

If you run your own mining operation, you’re responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the rigs. Sun Mining, like other cloud mining providers, takes a cut of the profits in exchange for maintaining its own rigs.


Sun Mining’s energy supply is based on its own solar energy. It doesn’t depend on a city network or any other third party energy provider.

Begin Mining Immediately:

After you purchase your payment plan, you can begin mining immediately. You don’t need to wait for parts to be delivered to your home.

About Sun Mining

Sun Mining lists its location as the following address in Sydney:

1 Farrer Place
Sydney, NSW 2000

That’s the address for the Governor Philip Tower, located in Sydney’s CBD. A quick look at that building’s website reveals that you can purchase a business address or a virtual office from that building for as little as $100 AUD. Since Sun Mining doesn’t provide a suite number or any further address information, it seems unlikely that they are actually located in downtown Sydney.

Complicating things further is that many of the Sun Mining social media pages, including their Twitter profile, are written in Russian.

Regardless, the company is relatively new. The domain was registered in July 2017.

Ultimately, Sun Mining lists a Sydney address on its official website – although it seems more likely the company is led by a Russia-based team. The team provides no further information about themselves or its qualifications.

Sun Mining Conclusion

Sun Mining could be a legitimate solar-powered cloud mining company. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t provide complete transparency about its operations or its facilities. They list an address in Sydney, Australia on their homepage – although that address doesn’t appear to be legitimate.

The cryptocurrency cloud mining industry is filled with problematic companies and scams. Sun Mining may be a legitimate cloud mining provider. However, you may want to wait for more information about the company to appear online before you send money to the company for one of its mining plans.


  1. I’m invested into sun mining and the payouts are great, it works and it’s a legit cloud mining website, i was a little skeptical at first, but i said why not, just like i did with genesis mining, and would you look at that they actually pay out.
    The only thing that i’m kind of iffy about is the 60TH plan, because it’s priced at about $7000, when that same plan at genesis would cost $9000.
    They give a 30% discount if you buy 60TH or more.
    I recommend this cloud mining service, so far so good, and has not let me down.


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