Sunlight Coin

Sunlight Coin is not your typical cryptocurrency that offers mind blowing returns on your investment. Nor does it employ any revolutionary blockchain technology that revolutionizes the way the world works.

Sunlight ICO is an open charity project conceived for the purpose of providing financial support to Ukrainian orphans living in the orphanages of the country.

It gives a blockchain solution to contributing to the future of these children and thus the future of the world.

Any Charity Is Built On Trust

The Sunlight Coin basically allows you to have an alternate method of payment other than fiat currency to support the charity work. This project to uplift the lives of the orphans in Ukraine is built on the Ethereum blockchain and works with any wallet that supports an ERC20 token for contributions.

The charity accepts only Ethereum in their ICO against SUN Tokens.

The funds thus raised for the project will go into food, clothing, medical supplies, toys, and education for children in selected orphanages in Ukraine. The orphanages will also be repaired and maintained where required using the funds. The project will be extended to other orphanages, depending on the amount of funds that had been raised in the ICO.

The funds you have contributed will be assigned for spending for the charity project in the 80-20 principle, whereby 80% of the funds will go to core charity endeavors and 20% will go to administrative and contingency expenses.

The administrative and contingency purposes include, but are not limited to, expenses incurred in transportation, hosting of the website, transfer commission for converting cryptocurrency to fiat that can be directly used for the goods and services purchased for the purpose of charity, and other operational expenses.

The ICO team further corroborates that any leftover funds from those set aside for administrative and contingency purposes will be redirected to charity.

Here Comes The Trust

The blockchain cannot build trust among the contributors regarding the utilization of funds in a charity project such as this, where the cryptocurrency will be used by a group of individuals for pre-described purposes relating to charity.

The blockchain can ensure that your funds reach the charity and that's about where the blockchain ends and the real world begins.

Here is where the team perhaps might have to help you make your decision on whether you are going to be one of the guys to run and contribute to this ICO.

The team is headed by Naira Levanian, an Entrepreneur and Volunteer with 4 years experience in charity related volunteer work. She is joined by Karolina Airapetian, a volunteer worker with 3 years experience and a student of Kyiv Medical University, Lyusya Ayrapetyan, Social Media manager for the team who had the original idea for the project, and Artem Tsapko, a web developer and a blockchain buff.

The team is available on Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, and Bitcointalk forum, and they invite you to contact them anytime to talk about the project and see for yourself the authenticity that they bring to the project.

They have also offered to provide the proof of their work in the form of videos and photos of their visits and other charity activities to be posted on their Facebook pages and website.

The trust building exercise is going to be a tough exercise for the team, but notwithstanding, they have offered to put the SUN Tokens on at least one exchange as a way of thanking the people who have put the trust on the team and contributed for the project.

The ICO Bonus

The team has worked out a bonus system as part of the contribution system in the ICO.

The exchange rate of the first ETH coin you will donate is fixed at 1,000 plus 100 bonus SUN Tokens and for every additional ETH donated the smart contract will add a bonus of 50 token thenceforth.

From Blockchain Gains To Charity

Projects like Sunlight ICO are a great way of repaying society after having made you fair share of profits in the blockchain ecosystem.

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