Super Cool Awesome Money (SCAM)

The advance of cryptocurrencies has brought about yet another interesting aspect, the use of Initial Coin Offerings, also known as ICOs.  But the hard reality is that even these are not watertight.

You need to do a bit of legwork beforehand if you are looking to step into the world of ICOs. Not to worry; we are here to take you through Super Cool Awesome Money (SCAM), to see its insides and outsides, looking into whether it is good for you.

About Super Cool Awesome Money (SCAM)

This option is just straight as is the case with the other cryptocurrencies out there. Reportedly, it does nothing different, only that they are honest about everything. It is just a SCAM.

To join the revolution, users need to contribute Ether to the site to get started. In essence, 1 ETH is equivalent to 50,000 Scam. A crowdsale started officially on January 19th and expected to continue until February 10th this year.

Super Cool Awesome Money (SCAM) Features

Scam coin is said to be built on Ethereum mainnet. Thus it allows quick and efficient processing of transactions. The coin is ERC-20 compatible.

About 500,000,000 Scam coins were to be released on circulation; hence, they will be out for sale as tokens. This represents half of the total number of tokens that are in supply.

Another notable thing about it is that the transactions are allegedly carried out quite fast. The block takes about 15 seconds to process a transaction, which is said to be faster than when using Ethereum's GhostProtocol, which takes Bitcoin 10 minutes transaction-processing time.

It is also alleged that the possibilities are quite bountiful since the coin does not include any utility. Therefore, it can come in handy for virtually any use, making it almost limitless. Additionally, there are also airdrops, reportedly offered to random SCAM coin holders irregularly.

Another thing about this option is the strong ecosystem, in which the SCAM coin comes with a wide range of scammers as well as swindlers scattered the world over.

More About SCAM Coin

SCAM coin team further promises that it will make efforts to see the coin make it see the light at least as one shitty exchange. The coin will be used for virtually nothing. It is all but a scam anyway. However, it is reported that there are about 1 billion such coins in circulation. Another thing you cannot afford to miss is that this option also has an array of members’ opinions, which is mostly a trait of many scams out there.

Is The Super Cool Awesome Money (SCAM) Coin Legit?

It is almost apparent that this coin is nothing worthy of your investment. When you consider the investor opinions, the fact that it is yet to be tested in the market and virtually everything else about it, you can understand that there are more reasons to keep it at bay than there are to try it.

We do not recommend taking the chances with your hard-earned money or ether with this investment. However, if you want to go ahead and check it out, then we would advise that you ensure to be cautious for the safety of your funds. After all, there are many other options to try than step right into imminent risk.

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