The demand for superfoods has been on the increase especially in the European markets. Managing a healthier lifestyle has been increasingly difficult with the increased use of chemicals such as nitrates, phosphates, and sulphates in growing of fruits and vegetables. It has been an uphill task for consumers from most developing countries to access organic foods grown without such chemicals due to the reduced soil fertility in their regions.

Then came the introduction of superfoods with rich nutritional composition and numerous health benefits in the current world market. Consumers can now access natural foods that have no further additives with the help of producers who seek to deliver healthy unprocessed products.

And this is where Superfruit comes in.

What Is SuperFruit?

Superfruit is a project based on the blockchain technology in the agricultural and logistics sector used by industry experts dealing with growing superfoods in developing countries. With the help of blockchain technology experts, economists and international lawyers, the project was adequately developed to simplify the entire supply chain model from the growing of the superfoods, to the distribution, wholesale storage, transport and retailing, and delivery to the final consumer.

Its goal is to reach the global market and sufficiently supply it with fruits, with the main product being the superfruits which are nutritious and have numerous benefits on human health. Superfruits are known to be packed with vitamins, fiber, minerals, antioxidants, to name a few, that help people live longer, prevent some illnesses and look better.

Superfruit also seeks to develop a Business to Business platform that allows potential customers and producers to buy and sell superfoods respectively at wholesale prices. With the help of the blockchain technology, the process of purchasing fruit directly from the grower and direct delivery to the final consumer in a particular country is hastened. This helps in eliminating numerous middlemen and the logistical hurdles that are witnessed in the complex system of fruits exports which often lead to increasing prices.

How Blockchain Superfruits Production Works

With the current cryptocurrency craze, most countries with superfood growers are embracing the use of digital money since Fiat money faces inflation from time to time. The project has since come up with its own cryptocurrency called Superfruit. Superfruit works on the Ethereum blockchain network and has a token whose price is determined by grown superfruits.

SuperFruit Benefits

Superfruits help to eliminate the many supply chain links in the fruit export market through a Business to Business platform that facilitates the purchase and sale directly by consumers and producers respectively.

The global market’s demand for superfruits, especially in Europe, will also be met making it more accessible to the consumer. The Token Superfruit allows investors to invest in the expanding production of superfruits and become the Superfruit token holders. On successful implementation of the project, the tokens can be exchanged for fruits in various proportions.

SuperFruit SFT Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Sale Date: 05/16/18 – 12/11/18
  • Accepted Payment Method: Ethereum
  • Token Price: 0.000143 ETH
  • Soft Cap: 100 000 USD
  • Hard Cap: 3 000 000 USD
  • Tokens For Sale: 31 million
  • Minimal Purchase: 0.2 ETH

SuperFruit Final Thoughts

As the superfoods popularity continue to exhibit a sharp growth, a similar demand for the particular superfruits is expected. Superfruit is set to change the superfoods landscape especially in Europe.

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