If you like to play games, there is a great chance that at least once you might have thought about how cool it would have been if you were paid to play video games. Superium Coin is the invention that you have been waiting for.

What Is Superium Coin?

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, this new cryptocurrency was a product created in a partnership between Edizioni Player, an Italian games magazine that exists since 2005, GAME Magazine, another games mag published since the same year and Gameplayer, a gaming site.

Superium Coin will use smart contracts to ensure that gamers can earn money by winning at games after they created their accounts on the Superium platform. By using the app you can create your own wallet and start to store tokens.

How To Play, Win & Earn Video Game Superium Coins

After you get the coins, you will be able to spend them on official tournaments that accept the currency, access premium features from games and even buy content like DLCs. Every transaction will be completely secure and made via smart contracts.

In the future, the company intends to create premium content that can only be accessed via Superium tokens. Companies can even buy Superium Coins and use them as rewards for their tournaments.

Superium Coin Advantages

Every game that you play that is compatible with the Superium app will make you earn tokens. The biggest advantage of using these tokens is that they are clearly a great way to get money while you have fun playing games and they will motivate you to win more and more.

Also, any purchases that you make while using this cryptocurrency are protected via a protocol that encrypts the transactions and makes them non-refundable, so there are no risks of chargebacks. The Ethereum technology is very safe and it is currently being widely used around the cryptocurrency world.

The video game market is constantly growing and moving more than $128 billion USD per year, while only the Virtual Reality market is responsible for $28 billion USD. Because of this, more companies are trying to find new ways to monetize their games and it is certainly better to be paid to play than to pay for playing, right?

Superium SUM Token ICO Details

The sale of Superium Coins will start on April 18 and last until May 18, so get ready if you interested in acquiring tokens. The soft cap of the sale will be 3000 ETH and the hard cap will be 90,000 ETH. With a single ETH you can get 5,000 SUM tokens. You can only buy these tokens using Ethereum.

The money raised in the ICO will be used to develop the platform and give it more chances of succeeding. 35% of the money will be used on development, 25% in developing scaling solutions, 22% on video marketing, 8% on web advertising and the other 10% in misc activities.

Superium Coin Conclusion

There is a considerable chance that Superium Coin will help you to achieve your lifelong dreams of getting money by playing video games (or least give you some money). The ICO does not really sounds so interesting, though, as you can get the tokens for free without even having to pay for them.

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