Referral marketing is one industry that is swamped with a sense of negativity. This is sometimes warranted due to how hard some of the programs are for the users to accept, the products in many of these programs are also unlikable, the rewards are also insubstantial and the systems are always so complicated.

What Is SuperOne?

SuperOne is the world’s first decentralized platform that unifies crypto gaming and crowd referral marketing via blockchain technology. The platform provides innovative bidding games where the players are allowed to bid to win a given amount of Ether. The players will enjoy uniquely challenging games and real-time, trustless, and anonymous rewards right in their wallets. Unlike gambling, the platform offers digital money games to millions of players.

How SuperOne Works

The games are operated with the help of a smart contract on the blockchain. SuperOne is set to be a success due to the combination of the boundless crowd power and sublimely engineered crypto.

The SuperOne platform gives the user a secret game and you get your crowd rewards instantly. The reward is deposited directly to your wallet. You can join the platform by purchasing blockchain spots with Ether tokens. Each spot costs 0.1 Ether and arranged in a three by ten forced matrix structure.

Rewards are based on direct referrals that are connected to each of the spots. If you have one referral, you get 2% rewards; two referrals will get you 4% rewards while three referrals will give you a maximum of 8% over 10 levels.

Included are also the three levels of direct referral rewards, which ensures you earn immediately from your effort. The game profits are also directly transferred to the user’s wallet which means that each of the game’s spot can earn the gamers thousands of dollars. The platform has a reward calculator that users of the platform can use to know their share of the rewards.

SuperOne Advantages

Simple To Use

Everything about the SuperOne platform is simple. The system does not have the complex requirements common in network marketing or crypto projects. It is easy to sign up and the gaming techniques are easy to master. The wallet management is even better on this platform. This allows players from different demographics to be part of the platform. This increases the rewards to all those involved.


Unlike in current referral systems, the rewards in SuperOne are significant. By tapping into the potential value of crypto assets, the platform is able to offer great rewards and ensure they get right into the user’s wallets. The direct referral and forced matrix system together with the tired rewards calculator allow users to enjoy significant income from their contribution to the SuperOne platform. The platform makes it easy for users to get involved and profit big.

Provide An Attractive Product

Referral systems often give products that are not interesting to the consumers. The modern consumer is a tech-savvy individual and they know there are different platforms to finds what they want. The SuperOne offers smart contract powered rewards right to the user’s wallets. The user gets to enjoy the never-seen-before gaming concepts.

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