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SuperWorld Launches AR DApp to Buy & Sell Virtual Real Estate

SuperWorld Launches AR Real Estate DApp

Recently, SuperWorld introduced a decentralized app (DAPP) on the Ethereum blockchain that enables investors to purchase and sell Augmented Reality (AR) Real Estate assets. The app is based on the ERC721 protocol, allowing users to access to the SuperWorld platform from which they can buy available pieces of land on the provided real world map interface.

Essentially, the acquisition process involves the purchase of ERC721 tokens, which represents a piece of actual land demarked on the app’s interface by distinctive longitudes and latitudes. The SuperWorld concept is similar to the CryptoKitties game, in that that the buying of an AR real estate portion equals the acquisition of a unique and non-fungible block on the distributed ledger. According to SuperWorld, their motivation was the increasing use of Ethereum to purchase leading tourist attractions like the Times Square and the Eiffel Tower. To them, buying a prime property is a subtle way of investing for the future. As of now, SuperWorld has already sold over 200 prime locations.

Additionally, the SuperWorld team is confident that AR will soon become mainstream, forcing institutions to shift from mobile devices and billboards as their preferred means of product promotion. Instead, advertising will be done using wearable tech and advanced AR displays. To this end, SuperWorld is planning to establish a decentralized advertisement platform through which advertisers can publish ads using AR DApps. The SuperWorld app is already live, with the only requirement being a browser that is compatible with digital wallets.



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