SupplyBloc is a platform that utilizes blockchain technology to promote growth and optimization by solving the major problems that businesses face in global supply chain management such as lack of transparency, corruption, poor customer relations, high cost, and risks. The platform integrates its system across the whole supply chain process from production to the delivery of the finished product to customers.

About SupplyBloc Technology

The platform also seeks to develop a marketplace that is decentralized in order to increase the popularity of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency through the development of a complete ecosystem that a wider audience can use. In doing so, SupplyBloc will become an easy-to-use platform where customers can buy services and earn money from loyalty and rewards programs from shopping on the platform.

The platform will use blockchain technology to bring transparency and easy tracking during the supply chain of a product. Apart from blockchain technology, the platform will also use smart contracts, API gateways, SDKs, and proprietary user-facing applications. The technology will enable network users to create a wide variety of adaptable and customizable user facing applications that are functional within the platform and can implement daily tasks.

This ensures the ease of integration of SupplyBloc Technology into supply chain systems of different industries like e-commerce, fashion, retail, cannabis and seed-to-sale and many more. Using the API gateways, users can create automated systems for auditing and tracking the movement of their products along the supply chain.

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SupplyBloc Token Information

The platform will issue its ERC 20 compliant SUPX tokens after the completion of its ICO. The SUPX tokens will be the main method of interacting and performing any supply management tasks on the platform.

Token holders can use the tokens to make payments that will facilitate the completion of smart contracts within the ecosystem. They can also use the tokens to make payment within systems that are developed based on the SupplyBloc platform. customers will be receive rewards in form of SUPX tokens from manufactures or producers for participating within the system, which results in increased interactions and the loyalty of customers to their suppliers.

SupplyBloc will develop an efficient cryptocurrency wallet where token holders can store their SUPX tokens securely.

ICO Details

  • Token Symbol: SUPX
  • Token Sale Starts: May 15, 2018
  • Token Price: 0.15 USD = 1 SUPX tokens
  • Total Supply: 750 Million
  • Token Standard: Ethereum
  • Soft Cap: 1Million USD
  • Hard Cap: 40Million USD

Benefits Of The SupplyBloc Technology


The platform will unify shipment tracking using blockchain technology, which is a public ledger that is not alterable. This ensures that all the transactions and interactions within the supply chain are transparent and easy to audit.

Easy Integration

SupplyBloc’s blockchain technology does not require a complete supply chain transition in order to use its services. This will allow easy integration of blockchain based tracking into the established systems of existing transport service providers.


The platform utilizes smart contracts that monitor the movement of products within the supply chain and ensure transparent and efficient transactions. This eliminates the need for intermediaries in supply chain management who might be inefficient or corrupt.

Security Of Assets

SupplyBloc technology reduces theft, corruption or loss of materials through its encryption, permission granting and increased cargo visibility.

Improves Trust Relationships Between Participants

All the transactions and interactions are recorded on the blockchain therefore information cannot be altered and thus improving the trust relations between the businesses working together.

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